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Elsewhere, Holly and Keith Burton started their eco-conscious wax melt and reed diffuser business, Wren and Blossom, and said the process was “relatively straightforward”.

Launching around a year and a half ago after growing a fervent interest in wax melts and scents, Mrs Burton told “Keith had the idea of trying to make our own wax melts. I really enjoyed creating them and family and friends would comment on how lovely the house smelt and asked if I could make some for them.

“We had really good feedback so we investigated the prospect of starting a small business – with the aim it would hopefully be successful and provide extra income.”

Mr and Mrs Burton turned over around £1,500 after the first year of trading.

Mrs Burton said: “After a year of trading, the business pays for itself but nothing more. This was our goal for the first year, we are so pleased to have achieved this.

“Any money made has been reinvested into the business. For the first five of six months of trading, we could only sell online due to Covid restrictions halting us from attending any events.

“Now that we’re established we have big ambitions and hope to keep growing, it is great to have another form of income alongside something we enjoy and take pride in.”

And despite the reduction in many Britons’ disposable incomes, these small business owners have found people have been favouring their handmade products.

Mrs Burton said: “We feel that people are supporting local small businesses rather than shopping online all the time, which is amazing. Both Keith and I are happy that we’ve got our small business, it’s hard work and can be time-consuming but you get a sense of pride from doing it.

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