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The  may have plans to launch her own beauty line, as she realises that the “way forward” to generate money is to attach “brand focus” to her name. In recent months, Meghan Markle and have been at the centre of reports they have held meetings with the co-founder of Guthy-Renker, a marketing company that specialises in celebrity-endorsed beauty products, and have been photographed visiting their estate. 

Royal commentator Neil Sean claimed: “Meghan Markle had these meetings with Guthy-Renker, who are basically a very big house of fashion makeup brand.”

“What we do know is Meghan had various meetings with these people, we’re not quite sure at what stage they’re at yet because these deals can take some time.

“As we know with Meghan, she likes to be very much in control, so if she does go down this lucrative revenue stream route, which could be lucrative worldwide, then it would make more sense for her to become involved.

Guthy-Renker is a direct marketing firm responsible for a number of celebrity cosmetic lines, including JLo Beauty and Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty. 

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Meghan Markle has previously expressed an interest in make-up, developing a close friendship with make-up artist Daniel Martin and would regularly discuss her make-up favourites and skincare essentials on her now-defunct lifestyle blog The Tig. 

According to research by RY, the Duchess of Sussex is the most newsworthy celebrity, with over 88.5 million articles written about her hair, make-up and skincare regime. This places her as the highest covered celebrity when it comes to beauty.

Neil Sean added: “For Harry and Meghan moving on, this now is the way forward to make money.

“The reason why they need to make money like this is because there’s no other revenue stream coming in. 

“If you were part of the British Royal Family of course, you would be looked after and things would have been solved, but when every penny comes from your wallet, it becomes very difficult then to work out exactly how you’re going to make that money come in.

“For Meghan, she could do quite well, not just with the makeup line, but you can think about hair colour, shampoo, wigs etc.

“Right now, if she was to put a name to things, whether you like it or not, it brings brand focus to that particular name and as Meghan knows, she needs to use that value while she’s got it.”

Since leaving the Royal Family in 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan have secured their financial independence by signing a multi-million-pound deal with streaming giants, Netflix and Spotify. 


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Estimated to be worth over £100million, the deal will see the couple produce a range of “uplifting” content over the next few years. 

While they have only released one podcast episode, the Sussexes have announced their first projects with Netflix. Prince Harry is currently producing and starring in the ‘Heart of Invictus’, a docu-series which will follow the organisers and competitors of the 2022 Invictus Games. 

Meanwhile, Meghan has signed on to executive-produce the animated children’s series, ‘Pearl’. It will follow a 12-year-old girl on a series of “heroic adventures” as she engages with influential women throughout history. 

As well as this, the couple have also established their own non-profit foundation, Archewell. In line with their previous work as Royal Family members, the Sussexes have focused their attention on tackling issues around mental health, climate change and gender equality. 

Last month, they were named by Time magazine as two of the most influential people in the world. 


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