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Matt Lucas weight loss: Bake Off host credits amazing transformation to exercise challenge

September 21, 2021


Matt Lucas has been focussing on his health since April 2020 and has lost a considerable amount of weight as a result. Tonight, the comedian will appear on the new series of Great British Bake Off. But how has he kept his slimmer figure considering the number of baked goods that are made in the infamous white tent? 

Matt, 47, joined ITV’s Lorraine in May where he discussed overhauling his health.

Host Lorraine Kelly asked: “How on earth though, have you been in lockdown and working on Bake Off and you’ve lost tonnes of weight?”

“I’ve lost some weight, I needed to take the edge off, because I put on a lot of weight in lockdown,” Matt said. 

Lorraine remarked: “Oh I have, I think lots of people have.”

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Matt added: “I just had to do something about it.”

“Yes, just not eat as much and move around a wee bit more, that’s kind of what you have to do,” Lorraine commented. 

Acknowledging his journey, Matt said: “I’ve still got a bit of a tum, I’ve got a little bit of a tum, I’m not a skinny minnie.”

To which Lorraine added: “No, but then you would look daft if you were, it wouldn’t be you.”

However, Matt admitted on Instagram this year that he lives with a personal trainer. 

Sharing a video of the PT at work, Matt said: “My housemate Jamie is a personal trainer extraordinaire.” 

As for what fans can expect of Matt in this year’s GBBO, there will be lots of laughs between him and Noel Fielding. 

I just have fun and I love working with Noel. He’s so funny,” the comedian remarked. 

“And of course we’ve both been in double acts – we’re used to being in that dynamic

“So when we write together we understand the rhythms to go, ‘Oh actually, I’ve thought of this joke, but you have it’. Noel is really generous like that.

“He comes up with very funny things for me to say. And Paul (Hollywood) and Prue ([Leith) are so friendly and they were so welcoming.

“I was so nervous going into this hugely popular show and Sandi (Toksvig) had left very big boots to fill. But it’s great, so much fun to be a part of.

“We’re trying to do more sketches like that. Before the show starts we try and do a funny thing each week. We’re dressing up more and more this year,” he added. 

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