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Manager thanks community who rallied round after pre-school garden was trashed

October 1, 2021


THE manager of a pre-school hit by vandalism says the generosity of the community who rallied round to support them since has been heartwarming.

Sharon Hunter, the manager of Little Learners Pre-School, said it had restored staffs’ faith in humanity.

The damage in the garden area of the pre-school, based at the Scout Hut in Cockshute Hill, Droitwich, was discovered by staff on Monday morning.

On Sunday night the vandals dragged a plastic play house over to a fence so they could climb over, but as the youngsters’ toys were chained together the vandals broke various items including the play house and a slide.

Sharon said the damage, and the risk there could be sharp items in the garden, meant the pre-school’s seven, two to four-year-olds weren’t able to play outside in the early part of the week.

But since clearing up the mess the children have now been able to go outside again, and enjoy toys donated by the residents.

“We have had a play house donated, and a new slide donated,” Sharon said.

“We even had a gentleman call who said he had read the Worcester News article and had some things he wanted to donate.

“Unfortunately they were items for an older age group than the children we have got, but it was a lovely thought.

“We had a £30 cash donation as well – it really does restore your faith.”

Sharon added that staff were now going to speak to the Scouts about security at the site, including fixing bent fencing which it is believed was how the offenders originally got in.

Anyone who wants to help the pre-school can still do so by calling Sharon on 07967608696 or email ton

The vandalism was the latest in a series of incidents that have took place in the last 18 months in Droitwich, including logs being damaged at a children’s play area at the Westwood open space, vandals pushing over sheds, smashed windows and wood at an allotments in Wychbold Playing Field, and vandals also spray painting houses, vans and garages across the town.

Droitwich police were contacted for comment earlier this week, but no one responded.

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