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Making Money With YouTube’s New Shorts Platform | by Navixavi | Dec, 2021



YouTube Shorts might give TikTok a run for its money.

Shortform vertical video has been all over since Snapchat introduced it, and TikTok helped it take off. With its Stories and Reels features, Instagram hopped on the vertical video bandwagon, and Facebook (which owns Instagram) cloned the format as Facebook Stories. Vertical video has grown throughout the pandemic, with the average teen watching 80 minutes of TikTok per day.

YouTube is now joining in on the fun as well. Shorts, a new tool that allows producers to publishing short-form vertical films to the platform with various TikTok-like embellishments, such as music, colorful text, and photos, was unveiled earlier this month by the firm (which is a division of Google). Shorts appear alongside a creator’s existing videos on YouTube channels, and YouTube also surfaces them in specialized places within the YouTube app.

What’s the best part? YouTube has expressed interest in assisting creators in monetizing Shorts and turning them into a reliable source of cash. To that purpose, the business has pledged to pay creators a minimum of $100 million for creative Shorts from now until 2022. Importantly, you can monetize Shorts even if you’re not a member of the YouTube Partner Program, which means that even small or new channels can benefit from Shorts monetization. We’ll go over Shorts monetization in greater depth further on.

YouTube is a video and advertising powerhouse, raking in over $15 billion in ad revenue each year, with billions of dollars going directly to artists. My YouTube channel already earns me thousands of dollars per year. Given Shorts’ clout, reach, and money, becoming engaged makes a lot of sense — especially because you can get in on the ground floor.

How to Write a Short Story
It’s easy to make a short. If you live in the United States or India, the feature is already available if you have a YouTube channel (it will likely arrive soon in other places.) If you don’t already have a channel, you can create one for free.
Once your channel is up and running, open the YouTube app on your phone and hit the large Plus sign at the bottom of the screen to start creating new material. A button to Create a Short should appear.

The Shorts camera will open when you press the button. You can immediately take a 15-second vertical video by holding down the red button. You may also open your phone’s gallery by clicking the gallery icon in the lower-left corner and selecting a video you previously filmed. (I usually record my videos outside of the YouTube app, edit them in Adobe Premiere Rush, and then upload from the gallery.) You may change to selfie mode, change the recording speed, and even add music to the mix.

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