Making Money Online a Little Easier with Quora, Medium and Canva! | by Deon Christie | Oct, 2021


Curiosity is the Key to Online Sales and Reputation Growth!

Deon Christie

How to make money with Quora, Medium and Canva.

3 (Quora/Medium/Canva) Important Tools to Make Money Online.

Not to mention email list subscribers, a staggering open rate and an astonishing 34% click-through rate. But that is discussed in another article on Medium. You may want to read that one here. 106 Email Subscribers 59% Open Rate 34% Click Rate with 100% FREE Traffic!

There are thousands of different methods and ways to make money online. I just found this to work rather surprisingly fast! But before we dive deeper into the specifics, please understand that this is in no way a suggestion that you will retire in 2 weeks.

This is a method that generates affiliate commissions, how much it generates is entirely up to you and the effort you apply. But with the maximum effort, you will have unbelievable results in a relatively short period of time (a few weeks).

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Quora growth statistics over the last 30 days.

Above is an indication of my own views, upvotes, comments, and shares spike over the last 4–6 weeks.

Diving into Quora, One of the Most Responsive Audiences on Earth!

Want to Read More on Quora Spaces? — This is my Article on Quora Spaces and Medium.

Reading the article mentioned above will get you started with Quora spaces. Therefore, we can move on to the question answering. You want to look for questions on Quora related to your topic to which your affiliate offer is a proven solution. There are 4 primary factors playing a major role in generating sales.

1. Common Need.

2. Quality Content.

3. Proven Solution.

4. Curious Presentation.

Just randomly throwing affiliate links at strangers will be a complete waste of time and effort, and many newbies get started that way. I know I did, fueled by that misconception of getting rich overnight.

Find questions on your topic with a high follower count. When people follow the question, they get a notification from Quora when a new answer is posted. So, when you answer a question followed by, let’s say 12K people. Well, need I say more? This not only works to generate sales but also builds up recognition.

Chances are, many of those people will visit your Quora Profile, and when you are as professional as you say you are you will gain high authority followers.

This same technique took my Quora profile from around 300K content views, averaging around 20K — 30K views per month. Up to a staggering 2.3M content views, averaging just under 800K views per month within around 6–8 Months! Yes, I did join Quora in 2017 but didn’t apply much effort until I learned my way around the platform first.

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Deon Christie on Quora.

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Never allow yourself to be misled by illusions of instant riches. Although this method generated sales for me within days. Remember that I already had the entire method set up, with 45 Quora spaces. Numerous Medium articles and quite a few answers on Quora after days of research to find the right questions.

Adding to the proof that this works, the illustration shows an average of 798.5K content views per month. In the time it took me to write this article, it had exceeded the 799.2K mark!

The Answer as an Introduction to Your Medium Article and Canva.

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Quora questions with a high follower count.

Answer the question with a touch of writing curiosity and be sure the topic flows in with your Medium article. Then add your Medium article URL as a footnote or hyperlink to the Quora question you have answered. But offer value, short and tasteless answers may end up being deleted by Quora moderation.

Don’t answer a question to generate a sale. Answer a question to offer advice, value, and to get recognized as a professional. Do that, and you will never have to sales pitch again, ever!

But you also want to share your answer on Quora with Quora spaces you own, and the spaces you follow. Or where you are a contributor or moderator or even an admin. You will get invited as a contributor, moderator, and admin to spaces with spectacular follow counts.

But you will reach that goal only when your profile on Quora is as professional as possible, with a profile photo and everything resembling a professional profile. Your content is the only way you can prove you are as professional as you say you are.

Create Curiosity with every piece of content you write. With written content, you focus on the first 2–4 lines. This is where your reader is either convinced to stay and continue reading or compelled to leave and move on. A curious audience is an active audience, and most likely also a buying audience.

Although your image design, video, or rather video thumbnail with Canva is what shows up in any networking feed. The image/thumbnail takes your reader to your content, and your content must be compelling enough to convince your reader to buy from you.

Affiliate Networks and How to Know What to Promote!

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There are several affiliate networks to choose from, below are just a list of my personal favourites. The sales generated with this technique we are dissecting was through Warrior plus. I have recently started focusing more on Warrior Plus because I find their product presentations to be the most compelling which shows in the sales counts.

But when you are a complete newbie, you may want to consider affiliate networks like Clickbank perhaps. Because with many of the other affiliate networks (like Warrior Plus) you will need to get approved before you can sell products. You will need your own online network (social networking/blogs/websites/email lists, etc.) because you will get asked as to how you intend to promote their products before approval.

1. Warrior Plus.

2. Clickbank.

3. Share A Sale.

4. Max Bounty.

5. Amazon Affiliate.

6. CJ Affiliate.

Do Not include the link to your affiliate offer in the question you answer on Quora, that is not allowed with no exception. You will get your answer deleted, and if you continue down that road Quora will delete your profile!

That is why you share your affiliate offer in your Medium answer in a professional manner (cloaked with Pretty Links Lite/A Google Site representing your Affiliate Offer/A Landing or Bridge Page). Because while Medium is kind enough to allow you to share an affiliate offer, they do not allow you to share raw affiliate offers directly.

You can Read More About Bridge Pages on my Blog Here.

Bridge pages and landing pages are used by all successful affiliate marketers. That is why they generate sales without getting blocked, banned, flagged, and/or profiles deleted. Sharing affiliate links directly trumpets “newbie” and will only end up jeopardizing your reputation building capability.

If you enjoyed this article, leave a comment and/or ask me anything. Let’s see if my knowledge can help you succeed online.

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