Make Money Chatting Online: Get Paid $240 per Day to Talk to Facebook Group Members | by Reborn To Success | Oct, 2022


Are you looking for ways to make money from home? If so, you may want to take advantage of this opportunity to join our online community on Facebook. Here, you can chat with people who have similar interests as you do and make money through your efforts. Each day, we pay $10 per hour (paid daily) to the top 3 members who provide the best interaction and engagement during their shifts on the Facebook group. To join our team and start making money chatting online, apply today!

Mentorloop is looking for people to help with running a community on Facebook. You can do the work from anywhere and never need to speak to people on the phone. If you’re interested, please email us at

What is this job about
We need people like you to engage in conversations with a community of people on our Facebook page. You will never have any phone conversations, only chat messages. The chats are usually very short so you can do them as quickly as possible. It’s just a few minutes each day and the pay is great!

The work schedule
– You’ll need a computer with internet access and a phone or Skype account.
– You’ll need to be able to chat on Facebook for at least 4 hours each day, starting at 10am PST.
– We’re only looking for people in the United States, Canada, and the UK.
– If you’re interested, contact our recruiter by filling out this short form here.

How much will I be paid?
We are looking for people who can help us run a community on Facebook. You can do the work from anywhere and never need to speak to people on the phone. The position pays $240 per day. Payments are made at the end of each week via PayPal or Venmo.

Requirements and Qualifications
To qualify for this position, you must be an outgoing individual who enjoys making new friends. You must also have an interest in being a part of a tight-knit community. We prefer candidates with experience moderating online communities or managing customer service chat.

About Us
We are looking for people that can help us moderate our online community. You will never have to speak on the phone, but you will be required to chat with members of the community. All work can be done from anywhere in the world and it is a completely remote job.

Signing up with us
Signing up is easy and quick. Just fill out the form on our site and we’ll be in touch with you soon. CLICK HERE


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