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Losing Weight Without Dieting. If you are looking for a miracle fix… | by Brian Nelson | Nov, 2022


If we listen to doctors and dieticians (is there a more useless job?) there is a specific set of ways to lose weight by dieting. However, even these official diet strategies are all lies. Once they finish telling you how to eat, then they tell you that you also have to exercise. It seems there is no such thing as a diet without exercise. But, what about the opposite?

Now, assuming our 260 lb man is not ripped in some fashion, chances are his muscles exist somewhere in the minimal area. Whatever amount of calories he is burning today just by existing is pretty low compared to the possibilities.

Here is where it gets better. If my sit-around-no-muscle-body burns 2,500 calories per day, then it stands to reason that every bit of muscle I add increases the amount burned. Now, keep in mind that resting muscle doesn’t use a lot of calories. That is by design. While your caveman ancestors were waiting around to take a shot at a whooly mamoth or something, you didn’t want to be starving to death just by sitting there.

What gets left off all your weight loss plans and strength training programs is joy. That’s right, joy.

Lose weight by math, a scale, a woman running

So how you gonna do it?

I’m gonna trade this life for fortune and fame

I’d even cut my hair and change my name.

I just recently found out that the song Rockstar is by Nickleback, so you can all just ease up on that now.

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