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Lego unleashes DIY stadium trophy for Barca fans


Lego has outdone itself with the Camp Nou – FC Barcelona set. It’s the latest in the construction-brick library of soccer kits.

The large Lego soccer library includes kits for Old Trafford of Manchester United and the Real Madrid stadium. The detail in this latest installment edges out the previous offerings in detail.

The new FC Barcelona kit requires connecting 5,509 plastic bricks. It’s among the most detailed of all Lego kits. The stands recreate the Més que un club (more than a club) motto and the scoreboard displays a stunning 5-0 win.

The set design allows the stands to be split into five sections. That way, if builders desire to customize the finished display for maximum appreciation of details around the stands and around the pitch.

Lego tossed in a package of stickers and flags so builders can work for realism or maybe get creative.

Barça Licensing and Merchandising director Jordi Balsells got involved in this stadium reproduction kit. He said the club is fully satisfied that fans will enjoy building “the home of all Culers” from beginning to completion.

The most impressive Lego soccer set had been the Old Trafford. This 3,898-piece box also produces a model worthy of a space on supporters’ trophy shelves.

It’s a set recommended for builders 18-years-and-up For younger soccer fans wanting in on the action, Lego has designed for girls and boys. These include offerings in the LEGO Friends collection. Mia’s soccer Cube and Stephanie’s Soccer Practice range far down below the over-5,000 pieces of the Barca set.

The soccer cube box has 56 pieces while the practice contains 119.

If the younger builders want their own stadium, the Soccer Fans Grandstand with Scoreboard set aims 79 pieces at ages six and up.

The Camp Nou project offers the most detailed challenge yet for soccer-minded builders. It’s even got a tiny Barca Bus to complete the experience outside the stadium.

Experienced Lego builders who completed the set emphasized their surprise in how designers achieved extraordinary detail in this stadium set. The build includes custom pieces that aren’t found in the generic bins in Lego stores.

At the same time, most experienced and devoted builders enjoyed completing the set They also can recommend this set to those new to Lego who are soccer supporters desiring a model for their trophy case.

The building process requires repetitive procedures. So once the new builders get those procedures down the first or second try, they’re confident in finishing the project.

One builder even called the end-product an elegant addition to their display case.

At several hundred dollars, it’s not the cheapest set in the store. But it’s among the most detailed.

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