Kristian Gazi jailed after raiding dying Dover woman’s home as she slept

An elderly woman dying from an incurable cancer told of her terror after a heartless burglar rifled through her bedroom as she slept.

Bedbound Patricia Castle, 83, has been left trapped, a prisoner in her own home and too frightened to open her windows or doors, after Kristian Gazi raided her Dover flat.

Kristian Gazi. Picture: Kent Police
Kristian Gazi. Picture: Kent Police

Gazi, 18, then squandered Ms Castle’s stolen bankcard on wine, food and taxis around the town, Canterbury Crown Court heard.

Ms Castle described the trauma which Gazi’s actions have had on her, while “not knowing how long I have left to live.”

“This incident has left me feeling a lot more afraid in my flat,” she explained, describing herself as a “prisoner in my own flat.”

“I can’t open my windows and doors myself,” she continued: “I feel violated in my own safe space.”

Ms Castle described her fears over criminals potentially plundering her bank account, and how she checks her online savings account regularly, for signs of unusual activity.

The hearing took place at Canterbury Crown Court
The hearing took place at Canterbury Crown Court

“I should be concentrating on my terminal illness and health needs,” she continued in a statement to the court.

Gazi, of of Beaufoy Road, Dover, crept into Ms Castle’s home in sheltered accomodation and rifled through her handbag metres from where she slept.

He swiped her bank card, savings book and £15, then dumped her bag on the floor and fled following the raid in the evening of May 12, 2022.

The thief, who has already racked up three convictions for seven offences, including burglary, then went on a spending spree.

He used her bank card at cash machines and food and wine shops on five occasions in the subsequent two days.

‘I can’t open my windows and doors myself. I feel violated in my own safe space….’

Following his arrest, Gazi would plead guilty to burglary and five counts of fraud by false representation.

A judge told Gazi he had a “deeply unattractive” criminal record, and branded his latest spate of crimes as “mean.”

Handing down 15 months in a Young Offenders Institute, Judge Mark Weekes said: “Miss Castle, 83, had gone to bed within her home address, that is, supportive accommodation for the elderly.

“At some point that night, after Miss Castle went to bed, you entered that property and intended, and did, steal property from it.

“It was mean offending, even if you did not know the property was, in fact, sheltered accommodation.”

Supported by family in the public gallery, Gazi remained passive while appearing via video link from HMP Elmley.

Representing Gazi, Trevor Wright said he was “deeply sorry and full of remorse.”

He pointed out Gazi’s young age in mitigation, adding: “He wishes to write a letter to Miss Castle for the distress he caused her.”

Mr Wright added Gazi was unaware of Ms Castle’s medical condition and was unaware he was stealing from supported living accomodation.

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