Key moments as Home Secretary vows to crackdown on protesters after Insulate Britain demos


Home Secretary Priti Patel has taken to the floor of the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester and announced a full independent inquiry into Sarah Everard’s killer.

She described the 33-year-old’s murderer as a “monster” and refused to name him, adding that it was “abhorrent” that a serving officer could abuse his position to commit such a crime.

“We need answers as to why this was allowed to happen,” she told conference.

“I can confirm today, there will be an inquiry, to give the independent oversight needed, to ensure something like this can never happen again.”

Here are all the key moments so far:

  • Ms Patel kicked off her speech by discussing the recent case of Sarah Everard and vowed to “redouble” efforts to keep women and girls safe. She said: “Such unconscionable crimes and acts of violence against women and girls have no place in our society. And that is why I have redoubled my efforts to ensure women and girls feel safer.”


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