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Katie Maloney’s Weight Loss & Transformations on VPR

September 28, 2021



A Real Housewife is shading Katie Maloney-Schwartz.

It’s not about the pasta… it’s about the new season of “Vanderpump Rules!”

This season, both Katie Maloney and her husband, Tom Schwartz, are back, and they’re coming in hot. However, viewers might notice that Maloney is looking a little bit different this year. So, what is up with the “Vanderpump Rules” star?

In May 2020, Maloney shared with HollywoodLife that she had lost 25 pounds, and even shared some of the foods she ate in order to achieve her goals. “I think dieting is not sustainable and it’s very short term and just sets you up for failure,” Maloney explained to the outlet at the time. “So, now I just feel like I just know how to like eat for my body and metabolism.”

Maloney continued, “I’m really into the — Oh my gosh, where the Kardashians get their salads.  I’ve fallen in love with that place. The Health Nut place (a Woodland Hills, CA salad shop). They have these massive giant protein salads with roasted chicken, sunflower seeds and cucumbers and carrots and lettuce and tomatoes and they have this really nice house dressing they put on it.”

During the interview, Maloney also explained that she loves eating eggs for breakfast and some kind of chicken and vegetable combination for dinner. However, Maloney also noted that it’s important to strike a balance between healthy eating and indulging.

“For the most part we’re pretty disciplined eaters,” Maloney said of her and her husband. “But I will say, during quarantine, it is especially hard to just not let loose and just completely fall apart and eat a whole pizza and then order some spicy chicken. And listen, some days we do fall apart. But overall, it’s well balanced and we eat healthy.”

Maloney Dealt With Body-Shaming in the Past

In the past, Maloney has opened up about dealing with body shamers. Even during past seasons of “Vanderpump Rules,” Maloney had received unwarranted comments about her body from costar James Kennedy, as well as Lisa Vanderpump’s friend and designer, Kevin Lee.

“My journey of self-discovery and self-love was a rocky road,” Maloney admitted during an interview with Bravo’s The LookBook in 2018. “At times it took everything I had to tune out the noise and negativity. I have always thought of myself as a confident individual. But it ate away at me like a disease. It’s impossible to not let negative comments creep into your psyche.”

Maloney continued, “I’m channeling my newfound confidence into a positive energy to fight back against harsh criticism. I want everyone to know they are worthy and remind themselves of that every day. Tune out the noise, focus on what you have (and not what you don’t), and learn to love it! I think it’s always great to improve yourself for your own happiness, whatever that means to you.”

Maloney Had Something Else Done Before Filming This Season of ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Before filming this season of “Vanderpump Rules,” Maloney revealed that she got some lip injections–at “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Heather Gay’s medspa, no less!

“If you’re in Utah, come to the [Beauty Lab + Laser],” Maloney said in a March 2021 Instagram story, which was captured by Bravo at the time. “Life is short, get the lips…like I did.”

Viewers can catch the premiere of “Vanderpump Rules” on Tuesday, September 28, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on Bravo.

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