Is Peanut Butter the Secret Weapon of Weight Loss? | by Suliat Ogundipe | Oct, 2021


Most experts agree that diets without fat have minimal weight loss benefits.

It is recommended that the recommended limit for total fat is 20% for adults. Most people will consume too much than that, so there is a need for other methods.

The second main body fat, white fat, is metabolically inactive, and gives you an energy release. You burn the brown fat in your body for heat, so losing white fat can keep you warm, and help you burn fat.

The third main type of fat is called visceral fat. It is easily accessible from your tummy. It has no relationship to feeling full, so it’s typically an indicator of poor health.

Gross Fat

The mass of a food relative to its volume is called the gram size (or gram weight). For example, 100 grams of sugar would have a gram weight of 5 grams (0.

Why the peanut butter diet is a good option for weight loss

SARASOTA, FL – One of the most popular nut butters has been linked to health benefits that other nut butters lack. And some research suggests that peanut butter might actually help you burn more fat.

What is peanut butter?

Peanuts are the raw kernels of a legume (pea-like grass). In the nuts, they are largely composed of the monounsaturated fat, oleic acid.

Saturated fats are commonly found in animal sources, such as cheese and butter, while unsaturated fats (including the Omega 3-fatty acids that are found in peanut butter) are thought to be heart-healthy.

While peanuts are high in calories, some researchers believe that their fat content is what makes them high-quality.


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