Influence to change the world.. We can literally change the world. | by Glen Martin | Dec, 2021


Glen Martin

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We can literally change the world.

We can help others to influence their world, today.

We can turn our own lives around in the next moment.

As a teacher and through our Life Biscuits podcast and program, I often ask students and listeners to ‘figure out your word’. That is, what is one word that you want to describe you?

One of my words, I find I can’t restrict myself to one, is that I want to be an encourager. Here is why I love it:

Encouragement isn’t empty praise. “Good job”, “I like your horse”, “What nice sandals you have”.

Real encouragement can change the world.

I’m convinced that an encouragement revolution is what we need.

If we can change the way that one person sees themselves through emboldening them with a new vision for what they can become or for what they can achieve or for who they can impact, the flow on effect for this is endless, immeasurable and has the power to change the world.

A do love a bit of etymology — the study of the history of words. Their root meanings, history and development over time. I’m certainly no expert in this respect but even at a surface level, knowing some basics of the etymology of words can help us change our understanding of words altogether.

Encourage has two component parts: en | courage. En meaning to ‘in’, ‘into’, ‘encircle’ or to ‘cause to be’; while encourage is ‘heart’, ‘state of mind’ or ‘what is in one’s mind or thoughts’.

When we encourage someone else — even if they do have a really nice horse — we can instil a fundamental change in their heart, we can encircle their mind with a new way to see themselves. We can help them see themselves for who they can be and fill them with courage, or place courage within them to pursue this new vision for their life.

Next time you encourage someone, look at them first for who they can be. See them for the potential they have, for all they could be if only they had their state of mind filled with it. After all, their potential might be sleeping, or worse — may be been quashed by the discouragement and belittling of others. They might not even know it exists.

Self-belief, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-efficacy — in my opinion, all at all-time lows, especially among our youth.

Set a goal today: go and place into someone with your words the courage they need to change the way they see themselves and to change their world.

Finally, tell yourself a new story about who you can be; find your word and live it. Change your world.

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