Imani Tribe Transformations disrupts the diet and weight loss industry with their new DATSTM Program


The world’s leading personal coaches in habit and mindset change and permanent weight loss are ready to help!

Imani Tribe Transformations has got everyone talking with their new Diet Antidote Transformation (DATSTM) Personal Coaching Program.

Statistics show that 98% of dieters gain back all the weight they lose, and more. Yet the weight loss industry continues to promote diets as solutions to weight problems. The truth is, people don’t have weight problems, they have personal problems (identities, habits, beliefs, mindsets and fears) that reflect in their weight.

Focusing on food and exercise without addressing the reason for weight gain is like refilling a punctured tire with air over and over again, without sealing the puncture. Diets may result in temporary weight loss, but just like the tire is destined to continue going flat unless it is fixed, dieters are destined to continue to go around in circles unless they address the key reasons why they became overweight in the first place.

This is why Imani Tribe Transformations developed the (DATSTM) Personal Coaching Program. It’s the Not-Diet Diet for people who are sick of diets and want more than just a good body.

The DATSTM Program is a complete system that has everything — the knowledge, systems, tools and skills — so people can finally lose weight for good and get the body, confidence and lifestyle they want, even on their worst days.

Imani have done all the heavy lifting and take the guesswork out of weight loss to help people uncover and address the specific habits that have led them to gain weight.

The DATSTM Program is not a weight loss app. It is a personal coaching program with unlimited, on-demand personal coaching on habits, mindset, food and exercise from the world’s leading personal coaches in habit and mindset change and permanent weight loss.

As it is delivered online, the DATSTM Program can be delivered anywhere in the world. Further information can be found at

About Imani Tribe Transformations

Imani Tribe Transformations is a global personal coaching company with its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.


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