I’m not setting New year’s resolutions | by Andrea Brightman | Dec, 2021


Andrea Brightman

I decided I’m not setting New Year’s resolutions or any goals for the next year. Or at least, the way it’s expected.

Usually, in self-development, we agree that New Year’s goals, like any other goals, should be specific, realistic, achievable and with a timeline. I did that last year…but I’m not doing that way in 2022.

2021 brought me a lot of surprises, challenges and struggles. I defined things for 2021, but I can’t control the universe…People change, circumstances change, everything changes… In these last months, I redefined my priorities and focused on what makes me happy.

I am not changing radically for 2022. I just will have my priorities much clear, so I can focus on the things I think are most important to me.

I have a lot of things that make me happy and bring me joy, just like writing, running, theatre and being with my friends and family. So these will be the things I’m focusing on the next year. I want to write more, test new writing formats, like poetry and comedy, I want to continue doing sports and keep a balanced and healthy lifestyle (with good food and habits) and I want to value my relationships and nurture them — having good and positive people around me makes me happy and motivated!

So in 2022, I’m not trying to create new life-changing habits, or write 50 posts, or read 10 books, or even run every day. I’m just gonna keep doing the things that make me healthy, happy and well… me. No preassures, no obligations, just living!


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