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Usman Hassan

Earlier on in my life, I never thought I could be a bookworm. Because I saw people who read as boring people. However, since I developed the reading habit, I have found out that there is more to reading than I have always expected. Reading gives you knowledge of your daily activities and your environment thus making better choices and yielding better results. You get a very good understanding of what things are and you understand Why some things happen. When I read nowadays, I feel some form of joy that I have never felt especially when reading self-help books. Self-help books have helped me to become a better person than I was. The reason for this paper is to tell the world about three authors that I feel indebted to, their books have helped me and I felt the need to let people know how those books have helped me.

Napoleon hill’s think and grow rich. Think and grow is the best book I have read, it captures the most significant aspects of how people succeed. think and grow rich is a result of research on about 500 millionaire’s which traced the successful habits that these different powerful individuals have developed which led them to their successful business lives. Napoleon hill explained how one’s ability to conquer the mind and visualize himself acquiring that which he wishes for is necessary for achieving success. This book has changed my outlook on life. I believe this is a book that everyone who aspires to succeed should read. You will not regret reading this book.

Brian Tracy’s self-discipline (no excuses). This book helped me a lot in achieving a very high level of self-discipline. Without self-discipline, you will not achieve the success you want, but when you are willing to deprive yourself of the short-term temptations knowing fully that it is the only way to achieve your long-term objective, you develop a high sense of esteem you become a very powerful and strong person. Brain Tracy in this book explained how self-discipline will help you in your personal life, in your business, and also in your family relationships. A very good book touches on a very critical part of your personal development.

Robin Sharma’s the 5 am club. This interesting piece gives you a deep insight into making the best out of your mornings. The book provides a very detailed and easy-to-follow strategy on how to make your mornings count and prepare you for a better day, I understood very interesting concepts that I never knew before and they have helped me in my daily activities. The 5 am club is a very good book that I would recommend to anyone who wants to make the best of their morning.

These books were crucial to my development, they made me a better person, I am now more confident in my affairs, my self-control has increased tremendously, and also my time is more precious to me than it ever was. I am also passionate about learning and would appreciate it if you would suggest more personal development books to me in the comment section.

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