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I LOST 80lbs in 2months Without Starving or Exercising, THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE | by nsude meshach | Oct, 2021


nsude meshach

Hello I’m Emily I wanna share with you my weight loss journey, Hopefully it will help you get the life you want, where you don’t have to watch what you eat or wear, and stay quiet during conversations to avoid becoming the topic of said conversations. I’ve been overweight since birth, Growing up was extra difficult for me always being jerked around and having people make jokes about my body wasn’t fun, things like “ Emily how did you get through that door so quick “ , I was depressed as a child and stayed detached from the world, my family were supportive though and my best friend Kira they pushed me to try dieting, exercises and gym which didn’t really give me the results I was desperately looking for, I gave up after a few months of poor results and accepted the fact that I’d be like this for life, unable to live normally like everyone else or just go for a long walk without feeling like my bones are not strong enough to carry me, or the excessive sweating.

It was like that for years, till a 3 months ago when a friend told me about a video she saw online explaining Why most people find it near impossible to loose weight, I wasn’t really hyped about the whole thing,” I mean everything else didn’t work why would this be any different, they’re probably some company looking to sell a product ”, That’s what I thought but she insisted I saw the video, she sent a link to it and I watched as a total stranger described the difficulties I’ve had to face as if she were there. Right then followed I knew that this was something entirely different and I followed the instructions from the video and 1month in, I was I was already down 45lbs, worked like magic.

I really recommend you watch this video if my experience is something you relate to. HERE IS THE LINK TO THE VIDEO

Disclaimer : I’ll Get a commission for sharing my story and referring you to this video which totally Free To Watch.

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