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How to transform your limited mindset | by Emily Byrd | Dec, 2021


Emily Byrd

The Unconscious mind fears the unknown. When we are moving, errr, expanding into the unknown it’s totally normal for the unconscious mind to react in a way of protection. It’s just trying to keep us safe, we are venturing into forgeign territory! Oftentimes though, this is the exact opposite of what we want and/or are trying to do. We humans are meant to grow, to change, uplevel our lives and expand in our experiences. And also, we all have that protector part inside that wants to keep us safe. So how do you hold the space for them both?

Question the limiting thoughts.

Ask yourself:

Do I know for sure this (perhaps limiting) thought is true?

Is this something I should really act on?

What am I making this mean (about me, them, the situation?)

Who am I with this thought?

Who am I without this thought?

Like really though…. Who am I without these limiting, fearful thoughts?

Without the fear-based, just trying to protect you limiting thoughts, you are the energy of expansion. You become trusting. You are embodied in your wisdom. You are free to explore and exchange and to take bold steps forward. You are able to receive what is here, what you deeply desire.

Step into the energy of expansion by trying this on:​

Feel into it.

Just imagine…

What a life beyond your wildest dreams feels like. Can you even place the feeling of being in pure expansion? What would it feel like in your body to know and own your freedom, your limitlessness each and every day? How does the energy of expansion translate into a sensational, energetic, physical and resourced experience in your life? If you had ‘it all’ right now, what would it feel like? Just play into the feeling of it all right now.

Now consider…

Where are you feeling restricted, held and constricted in your life presently? Notice that area of your life, what feels hard, stuck or slow? Without narrating the story as to why it feels this way or trying to fix it, just allow the sensations of tightness, tension, heaviness to be present. Breathe into it… feel it… allow whatever wants to come to the surface rise up…

And let it move through you.

When we allow ourselves to drop into pure sensation in the body, magically it begins to dissipate. Ironically, when we allow ourselves to feel that which we avoid the most, it gets better, while revealing what it is here to teach/offer us. And from this place you can notice where you’re holding on to protective, small energy and disrupting your experience of expansion.

To live a life dedicated to personal growth, exploration, and freedom is also a life committed to being an E X P A N D E R .

When we open ourselves to fully feel and hold the energy or contraction as well as the feeling and desire of expansion, we truly are ‘having it all’ and allowing our life to be an amazing, multi-layered mosaic, a full embodied experience. Yes, you can hold and have it all.

Take a moment to acknowledge all of your expansive moves made in the past. Where did you push beyond your edges into a new zone of living and being? What has felt so incredibly nourishing for you on your path of growth and freedom? Where do you want to express more in your life? Where would you like to rest more? How will you honor your intentions in the coming months/years/future endeavors to come?

With you every expansive step along the way.


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