How To Sell Beats Online In 2021? | by Matthew Rodriguez | Sep, 2021


Matthew Rodriguez

I started making beats about 5 or so years ago now and only began selling them around 3 years ago. But in that time I have made thousands of dollars using this simple method that I will share with you in this article. Selling beats has provided me with the amazing opportunity to literally make music while I sleep, and the passive income I have made thus far from selling beats has only encouraged me to continue and push to sell more.

The most important thing to do even before you can start selling your beats is to make sure that your beats are actually good enough to be sold. You can easily do this by asking your friends and family for their honest opinions on your music, and can then use their opinions and your judgment to ultimately make the decision if your beats are ready or not.

Once you established that your beats are good enough to actually be sold it’s time to set up a beat store. There are multiple different options for this, including BeatStars, Traktrain, and Airbit. But I personally use BeatStars and recommend that you do too. Which platform you chose to set up your beat store on doesn’t really matter since all of them provide pretty much the same things.

Once you set up your beat store you should start posting “Type Beats” on YouTube, using artists that are either just now starting to blow up, or artists that are on the verge of blowing up. Since YouTube is such a big platform, there are thousands of Type Beats uploaded every single day. So getting yours to stand out when you’re first getting started can be difficult, which is why it’s important to target those smaller artists I was referring to before since there is much less competition.

You should be building a following on Instagram and other social media sites while you’re doing all of this to maximize the number of people seeing your content. Instagram is a great way to meet fellow artists and producers and can be a great way to start building relationships with artists. A building these relationships is one of the most important parts when it comes to trying to sell beats online. It is so essential that you build these relationships early on because they will likely provide you with your first opportunities to make sales, and will also likely help support you and your music.

You should also be posting a link to your beat store in the description of all of your videos. And you should also make sure you’re using eye-catching thumbnails, SEO tools (like tags and keywords), and high-quality beats. I use TubeBuddy to get the most out of my tags and Irecommend you use them as well to help pick the best tags and keywords to use for your videos.

TubeBuddy is a free, YouTube-certified chrome extension, designed to help you do SEO research and optimize your videos to help them perform better. I use their Keyword Explorer to help find the best artists to use for my Type Beats, by looking for artists that have a high search volume but low competition. TubeBuddy is free but they do offer paid options that give you access to additional tools to help your channel. If you are serious about selling your beats, I encourage you to consider upgrading your TubeBuddy account to gain access to more helpful tools to help your business, such as the ability to rank TubeBuddy’s suggested tags by “relevancy.” This allows you to see exactly which tags will rank the best for your channel, and using this changed the game for me. And allowed me to connect with an entirely new audience.

By combining all of these tips, and making sure to consistently post new beats every day, you will eventually start to see some success as I did. It won’t be easy, and will likely take a long time before you start to actually get sales, but once you start making money while you are sleeping for doing what you love, it will all be worth it! Collaborating with other YouTube producers, building relationships on Instagram, and joining discord groups are all great ways that you can start building your audience. Utilizing all of these tips together will give you the best chance at seeing success in selling your beats.

The last thing to remember is that growing an audience and trying to become successful online can be very challenging. It is normal to take years to see results. I didn’t start getting sales until 3 years into actually trying to sell my beats. Before I started getting sales, I often got discouraged but it is important to remember that success always takes time, and great things will come to those who wait.


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