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How to promote a gig! Through Email Marketing Tools | by Muhammad Ahmed | Sep, 2021


Muhammad Ahmed

In this blog post, l will share with you step by step. How to promote your Fiverr gigs or any freelancing service with cold E-mail marketing tools. I will share with you everything, The free tools which you need. Everything you need to know to start promoting your gigs and getting your first order.

Today I’m so excited to publish the 2nd blog post about freelancing and the fourth part of the “” series. In previous last four parts, I discussed. Why is it necessary? What is the easiest way for Making Money Online As a Beginner ? Guideline about or freelancing services that you can provide to your clients. In this post, I am going to start the most important thing in freelancing or any online business which is marketing, which is promoting the services. So whether you are a freelancer on , on Upwork or you work as a private freelancer. This article is really very important if you want to promote your services with cold Email.

In this small course. I will cover up the following topics. What is cold E-mailing? How can we collect data? How can we collect targeted emails to promote our services? How to build a free system to start sending emails? How to be a professional in cold mailing? Everything you need to start promoting your gigs and your services with cold E-mailing.

Cold mailing is sending a bunch of emails, Like sending 100, 200, maybe 1,000 emails to specific people related to your niche in order to promote your services. But one thing you always keep in mind. When you are going to send your emails to people. Don’t send them links directly. Because it will be considered spamming. Try to build your connection with your clients. Give them some value of your service then offer him for your services. What will you do? Simply you will send emails to specific people. Trying to open a connection between you the freelancer and your upcoming clients. So you will talk to people and discuss your service. Then if they are interested they will get your service.

Of course, You will not be sending1 million emails and by putting the links inside it and spamming people. What will you do? You are going to send cold emails. Trying to open a connection between you and other targeted people.

Being a beginner, Most people are thinking that ok I understand what is cold mailing. Buthow to start cold mailing? and what to do? I will explain this with an example. For example, I am a freelancer and I am selling services on Fiverr.

I can optimize a YouTube channel like, I can create thumbnails for YouTube videos or optimize videos for SEO . So your first step is to identify your target audience, Identify your prospects, Identify your clients. So if my service is about creating YouTube thumbnails or optimizing YouTube videos. Who is my target audience? Obviously, they are YouTubers. What I’m going to do is to search for YouTubers and collect data about YouTubers. Or collect emails for YouTubers.

How will you collect the emails for YouTubers? Simply for collection purposes, you can use this method. Go on YouTube and go on any channel. Then go on “about “the section. In the section, you will get the email of the channel owner. You just copy it and open an excel file and copy this address and just paste it here email address and channel name.

So what will you do? You just go to YouTube and start searching for channels. Search for small channels and try to build an email list.

So the first step is to collect targeted emails from YouTube and build a targeted email list. Now we have the emails. What to do? How can we send bulk emails? What is the easiest way? So the 2nd step is to prepare your email system by using an email marketing tool. Set up the cold email system to send bulk emails in 1 click to many people at once. I will tell you the easiest way to do this and for free. For example, you collected like 50 emails or 100 emails and you want to send it 1 time. What will you do? Simply you can go to it will be your Gmail-free account. Then you will install an extension. This extension is a chrome extension called “Gmass” or Simply to install a plugin called “GMass”. Just go to GMass chrome extension. GMass is a mail merge extension for Gmail. You can start for free. It’s very simple to use.

What will you do? Simply Go on Gmass, click on “compose”, then in the recipient section you will paste all the “email addresses”, Enter the “subject line” whatever you want like a normal email, type the message, then find the “GMass” button. Click on “GMass” to send this bulk campaign.

So an email marketing system inside your Gmail account. This is the easiest way I think to start with for beginners. And what’s nice about GMass is that it allows you to monitor open rates, click rates, Who replied and you can auto follow up. So it’s like a cold email system and an email system inside Gmail. Of course, GMass also has a paid plan if you want to send more and more. But anyway as a beginner you can start totally for free and then if you have a lot of clients you want to scale up.

But I have a small important point. I think it’s very important to go with a business email, it looks more professional as a freelancer. For this purpose, you can join “GSuite” or have your own business email. So if you can start with a business email it will be a lot more professional when you contact people.

So now we have the email list. We have our system. Now we are ready to send and start promoting our services. But I want to share one important point here. Must write the perfect subject line to attract people to communicate with you and then get your first orders.

In order to write a perfect cold email. What will you do? Simply in the first 2 paragraphs, you are going to build a relationship with the prospect. And then you provide your service. You tell him about your work as you are working with other businesses. You can share your history or whatever. Then you ask him if he wants to chat about your service. And in the last, you can share a link to your portfolio. A portfolio is very important because maybe this person is reading this and opens your portfolio and sees your work. After this, You will have a higher chance to get a reply and open communication with this person.

If anyone wants the Email templates for cold mailing Message me here

So, In this small course, I told you how to collect emails. I told you how to send bulk campaigns. How to build a small cold email system for free to send emails. Now start your campaign because after learning about this cold mailing service. You will be able to start promoting your Fiverr gigs. Your freelancing services using cold email marketing. Believe me, this is one of the best methods to get new clients. And I think it’s the fastest way and the easiest way to start. You send like 100 emails, maybe you will get like 20 replies or 10 replies. Then you have to communicate with those people and tell them about the service. How you will help them and negotiate about the price.

I hope you like my blog post. It would be very beneficial to all of you. For more methods about making money online follow us.

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