How to make money with the Auto Shop in GTA Online


You’ve finally saved up the cash to buy yourself an Auto Shop in GTA Online. You’ve decked it out with the coolest designs and maybe filled it with a few tuner cars. Now you are ready to start making some money. Here is how you can make a killing with the Auto Shop.

Make money legally

While it isn’t the first time GTA Online has allowed you to make money in a legal way, it is the most profitable. The legal side of the business requires you to pimp out customer cars whenever they get brought into the shop. You will get notified whenever there is a new car in the shop to work on. To complete a vehicle, just follow the prompts on the screen and add whatever additions the customer wants.

Once the car is complete, you will be tasked with delivering the vehicle to the customer. You can also have one of your workers deliver the vehicle on your behalf, but that will end up getting you less money. To maximize your profits, deliver the vehicle yourself without hitting it off anything. Overall, you will end up with $60,000 for delivering the vehicle without any damages.


Now on to the ways you can make money illegally (because those are the most profitable). First up are the mini-heists. Each one of the heists can be taken on solo or with friends. Head upstairs in your shop and check the whiteboard to find the list of mini-heists you can complete. Each one will reward you between $160,000 to $180,000.

Each of these mini-heists has two setup missions that need to be completed before the actual heist can be done. Each of these missions can be done with any car of your choice but the heist must be completed with one of the new tuner cars. If you don’t own one of the tuner cars, a base model one will be given to you.

Exotic Exports

The exotic exports list is on the upper floor of your shop as well. To the right of the mini-heist whiteboard, hanging on the wall is a chalkboard with the exotic exports list. Each one of the cars can be found while traveling the city on free roam. Some of them will be driven by NPC while others will be waiting in parking lots. You will know when you have found one when a blue dot appears on your mini-map.

Once you have picked up one of these cars, you will be tasked with taking it to the docks. Once you drop the car off, you will be given $20,000. There are typically 10 cars that can be exported each day for a total of $200,000.


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