How to make money with little investments? | by Izhar ullah | Oct, 2021


How to make money with little investments?

The first item of the bonus system: For those who join the company through your invitation link, after depositing and completing the equipment lease, you can directly receive a cash reward of 200 PKR. Invite 3 people to get 700PKR, invite 10 people to get a cash bonus of 2500PKR.

The second article of the bonus system: Regarding the commission of your team. For example, if you invite 10 people and they choose a monitor of 10000PKR, then the total salary of your first-level team is 3700PKR, and your commission income is 3700*6%=222PKR.
Friends you invite, they continue to invite their friends to join the company, you can also get commissions, for example, each of them invites 10 people to join the company, then your second-level team has 100 people, and they all choose 10000PKR monitors, then you The total salary of the second-level team is 37000PKR, and your commission income is 37000*3%=1110PKR.😊😊😊

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