How to maintain a healthy diet over Christmas and stop worrying about ‘weight gain’


Increase your protein intake

Numerous studies show that protein foods are the most filling, and offer slow-release energy to keep you feeling satisfied for longer.

This can be particularly helpful on days when you are heading to a Christmas buffet where the temptation of nibbles can soar.

Mr Thiruchelvam said: “Grabbing a protein shake before the meal can make you feel fuller and less likely to snack, thus reducing the high-calorie food consumption that can occur at the buffet table.

“Alternatively, try to opt for foods which are higher in protein content and go for fewer fried foods as these have twice as many calories due to the high-fat ratio.”

Be wary of snacking and drinking

Many alcoholic drinks are renowned for being high in calories. However, an increase in booze may also lead you to snack on more food than usual.

Dr Naresh said: “Remember that snacking while you are drinking alcohol can add up without you noticing.

“Try to get hold of some healthier bar snacks if you can, but otherwise try to avoid the temptation altogether by turning down free nibbles.”


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