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Lose Weight Without Effort

In this article I will show you how to lose weight without effort very quikly based on my 13 years experience. Let’s start!

My very recommanded method that has helped thousands to lose weight without effort

Is it possible to lose weight without dieting and exercise? Is there any magic pill that will help you lose weight without any effort?

You know the answer. It is not possible. When it comes to weight loss discussion there is always effort involved. The first thing that comes to my mind is dieting. If I want to lose weight, I must control my cravings. I must do dieting. I should eliminate desserts, chocolates, and cold drinks out of my life. I should do exercise and all that stuff.

Sounds like too much hard work. It is hard and tough. But still there is another path. You cannot lose weight without exercise or proper diet plans but you can do it easily.


You cannot stick to a program long enough if you do not enjoy it. To do any exercise, you must have fun in doing it. Fun makes it easier. Happiness is the second factor that makes life better and easy.

First, step to lose weight without effort easily

Do not check your weight every day. Put aside your weighing machine and for some days forget about your weight. Make a picture of your slim body and hang it somewhere you can see it night and morning. Forget about losing weight or exercise or any other health issue.


Second step

Exercise is important so let us do it. In the beginning, do not put stress on yourself. We do not want to do cardiovascular exercise on our first day. Stand still and start dancing on the rhythm of music. Move your right arm up and then move it down. Do it a few times. Do exercise slightly and without effort. Try to have fun during your exercise time.

Third step

Start with MS excel. In your spreadsheet write your goals and list them. Your first goal should be to drink 8 glasses of water daily. Second goal can be to walk for 20 minutes daily. Third goal can be to dance for 15 minutes. In this way, you can fill the entire table. Now go behind your goals. When you have done drinking 8 glass of water, cut down the first column in your spreadsheet. In this way, you can reach to the end of your table where you will be slim and smart.

These steps will give you freedom and relief.

If you do not like exercise, look for some alternatives. You can play a game. You can join a gym or slimming center. You can do yoga. Yoga is fun for most people and yoga burns 3 calories per minute. Joining a gym is also a good option for many people.

Forget about dieting. Think about having a healthy meal.We are not looking to starve ourselves. It is about a healthy lifestyle. Make a variable diet plan and enjoy your healthy meals.

Primal Burn Book Review — Does it Work?

The Primal Burn program is a popular & successful eBook by Ken Smith and has helped thousands of people worldwide to lose weight successfully. It incorporates a formula that helps the body to burn fat quickly by eating foods and doing targeted exercises that cause the body to speed up metabolism.

Helps to lose weight without effort.

Primal Burn Fat Burner System is based upon health and weight loss information obtained from extensive research in this field. The exercise structure of the program has two sections that are designed for various fitness levels. It also includes an “absolute beginner” workout so that those who are brand new to short duration and high intensity exercise can learn gradually. The program also incorporates a plan which includes eating foods that speed up a sluggish metabolism to help lose weight quickly.

Reveals a Secret to Burn More Fat Naturally.

The book will reveal a secret that almost everyone does each day without effort. Research has shown that it helps to shed pounds, simply by going to sleep. Insufficient sleep slows down the metabolism and also increases the BMI, which we know means the body is carrying around excessive fat in. So, in addition to causing an insatiable hunger due to the appetite hormone, the poor restless sleeper also has a slower metabolism because of lack of sleep. To put it another way, lack of sleep often causes an increase in the appetite, leading to overeating either during the night or the next day.

Lose 10, 20 or Even 50 Lbs Naturally.

Primal Burn is a program that incorporates all of these things through safe nutritional guidance that results in weight loss without starvation. The book also addresses exercise, which is vital to losing and maintaining weight, by offering safe and effective routines to supplement the nutritional plan for people at all levels of fitness. No matter your current weight and figure, this formula can help you burn fat fast, set your metabolism right into a fat-burning state, reach your optimal weight, develop more energy, reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood pressure, and improve your overall health. It is an easy to use guide including step-by-step pictures, diagrams and schematics show you how everything is done. It works for both men and women as well. So if you need to drop 10, 20, or even 50 lbs of fat, then try the Primal Burn Fat Burner System!

Heart Healthy Foods to lose weight without effort

When thinking about heart disease, we know that a change in diet is often needed. In today’s world of fast and convenient foods, people think more of saving time than saving calories and fat. If we can be just a little bit more conscious about what we are eating, then we can greatly reduce our risk of heart disease in the future.

One of the best ways we can change up our diet is by restricting our use of solid fats like butter, bacon, and gravies. These are known as Saturated and Trans fats. We often use these fats to help prepare the food we cook. Some great low-fat alternatives are olive oil, yogurt, and fresh fruit. Try to also be label-conscious and read the contents. Look for ingredients like polyunsaturated fats — found in nuts and seeds — and monounsaturated fats — found in canola and olive oil. Be wary of the boxes labeled “reduced fat” though as they often still contain the bad fats.

Something else we can do is to choose meats that are lower in fat. Fish is always a healthy choice and most even contain the heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids our bodies need. These omega-3 fatty acids can actually reduce our levels of triglycerides. Lean cuts of pork, beef, chicken breast and turkey are also great choices. Beans and other legumes are a wonderful meat alternative, while still providing our bodies with needed protein. Soy and tofu have become popular in recent years also adding to the meat alternatives list.

The largest dietary change we can make is adding more fruits and vegetables. Many Americans do not even eat half of the servings the food guide recommends as it is not convenient. Fruits and vegetables are chock full of vitamins and minerals, the things we need each and every day. Soluble fiber is often found in fruits and vegetables and is an excellent source for reducing our cholesterol levels. Fruits and vegetables have also been proven to help reduce heart disease. By snacking on these tasty treats, we are less likely to snack on something higher in fat.

It is easy to keep fruits and vegetables in the fridge ready for snacking as most just need a quick rinse in water and we can munch away. Sometimes even keeping vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower already cut up in the fridge or a bowl of fruit on the counter makes it easier for us to grab and go if we are in a rush.

Whole grains, as found in bread and pasta, are another great dietary change we can make to help our heart. Choosing 100% whole wheat breads and pastas gives us the nutrients we need that we cannot get from other foods. We also need to be aware of our salt intake. Salt is a huge heart enemy resulting in higher cholesterol levels. Processed foods often have added salt, so by choosing fresher foods, we are cutting our salt intake.

By adding more of these foods to our diets on a daily basis, not only are we reducing our risk of heart disease, but an added side effect is weight loss!

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Free Calorie Counters Available Online to lose weight without effort!

There are a number of free calorie counters available on the internet. These programs allow you to select a specific food and it will tell you how many calories are in one serving. It will also tell you what the recommended serving size is. If you are on a diet, you owe it to yourself to check out the free calorie counters out there.

What should you look for in a calorie counter and how will you know when you have found a good one? This article looks at the basic components of free calorie counters and shows you some of the sophisticated options out there.

Free calorie counters should include basic groceries. An apple is an apple is an apple, no matter how you slice it. Included in this category is dairy, eggs, fruit, meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables.

But, so much of what we eat today is processed food. So, a good program will also include various branded foods. For instance, you should be able to find out that one serving of Jif Extra Crunchy Peanut Butter equals 2 tablespoons and has 190 calories in it. Additionally, you might find that 16 percent of the food comes from protein, 71 percent from fat, and 14 from carbs. It has 2 grams of fiber.

Sophisticated free calorie counters also include sections for popular recipes. You might learn that the popular Indian dish Chicken Tikka has 232 calories.

Additionally, many free calorie counters include the foods from popular restaurants and fast food outlets. You might be surprised at just how many calories some of your favorite restaurant foods have in them. And, you should take note that most of the time you will consume fewer calories if you go to a hamburger shop than a sit down restaurant.

The calorie counters depend on your ability to judge a serving. Too many times what we judge to be enough for a meal is really multiple servings. To help you with this, the free calorie counters divide foods into their standard suggested serving sizes and tell you what the weight in grams for that amount is.

While most programs simply list the calories in foods, some free calorie counters have a companion program that shows you just how many calories you’ve burned by doing specific activities.

Everyone knows that the way you lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume in a given period. To lose 1 pound, you must burn 3500 extra calories than you eat. These calories burned calculators help you determine just how much you can eat based on how much activity you have in a specific day.

Further, if you have an extra cookie at lunch, you will know how many extra minutes you have to hit on the treadmill after work with these programs.

If you are trying to lose weight, search out the internet for one of the free calorie counters. You will gain a lot of insight into your diet when you do.

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People know that a good cardio workout is a great way to lose weight and burn fat but is it possible to burn fat without exercise?

The answer is yes and the reason is that the body naturally burns calories even while sitting still. While a person will not get the same intense results, there are ways to burn fat without exercise.

1. Exercise
Instead of thinking of exercise as spending hours in the gym, consider that anything, even 10 minutes, is better than nothing. This can be done in simple ways around the house just by making some easy changes. For example, make more trips up and down the steps, park the car further from the store, and take the stairs at work instead of the elevator.

2. Food
Another way to burn fat without exercise is by eating the right foods. Most people eat way too much food so the first thing is to write down everything being eaten and account for the calories. Chances are that the numbers would be surprising. Then, devise a healthier diet consisting of fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meat, and whole grains. Avoid processed foods, fast foods, and fried foods. Then, stay away from soda and sugary juices, switching to green tea instead.

3. Supplements
Certain supplements on the market today can help a person burn fat without exercise. While some of these are pure hype, there are some that contain conjugated linoleic or chromium picolinate, which have shown to be effective. With this, the supplement helps by boosting a person’s metabolism, which in turn helps to burn fat without exercise.

4. Carbohydrates and Sugar Intake
Both high levels of carbohydrates and sugar are known for being serious culprits in cases of obesity. Often, reducing the amount of carbohydrates consumed and switching to a sugar substitute is enough to burn fat without exercise. When craving something sweet, fresh fruit is a great solution.

5. Lost Weight Fast Gimmicks
While all the advertisements for quick weight loss and those promising fast results for burning fat should be avoided in that they simply do not work. A person can burn fat without exercise but it is not in the form of using worthless products. By moving the body more throughout the day and eating better, fat will burn quicker and more efficiently.

Obviously, the ultimate method for burning fat is with exercise. By using both weight training and aerobic exercise, a person can see tremendous results. However, not everyone has the time to spend every day and hours in the gym. For those who are on a restricted schedule, any movement of the body is better than none at all.

While a person can burn fat without exercise, for the best possible achievements, it would be wise to join a gym or start doing daily exercises at home. Even walking for 30 minutes a day would be an exceptional way to get started.

In a study conducted at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, individuals successfully used imagery to increase their metabolism up to 600 calories per day by using visualizations. Remember, your brain is the part of you body that regulates all of your bodily functions including your heartbeat, your breathing, your digestion and everything else! By using visualizations, your brain can reprogram your body to become a fat burning machine.

With each visualization you enhance the mechanisms within your body that regulate your metabolism. You imagine them functioning at full levels. As your brain begins to imagine these mechanisms intensified, your metabolism increases. As your metabolism increases, you begin to lose weight without effort. You become one of those people who can eat and burn the calories without doing much.

Your set-point is the weight that your body is naturally pre-determined to be. As you have no control over how tall you will be, or what your eye or hair color will be, you don’t have control over your set point, thus it’s difficult to change your weight. Some people do it through excessive dieting, but that can contribute to an eating disorder. Your body is biologically and genetically determined to weight within a certain weight range. So, after you lose the weight, you will quickly regain it. However, it is possible to lower your set point. When that happens, you instantly decrease your appetite and your body maintains the homeostasis of a lower weight.

Free Weight Loss For Teens

More and more teens are presenting as overweight and obese. It is becoming an epidemic that is putting a strain on the medical resources and the life expectancy of many young people. All of which, given the state of the average teenager’s diet, is no surprise. Therefore, finding a free weight loss for teens program has become a regular quest.

With this in mind, it is important that any program of weight loss that is going to work has to be one that does not exploit or offer unrealistic goals. Instead a weight loss program that takes into account the growing and changing body and mind of the teenager should always the preferred option.

Without a doubt, any free weight loss for teens program should start with the basics. A close look should be taken at what the teenager is eating on a regular basis and also, how much physical activity the teenager is taking.

As already stated, some teenagers do not have the healthiest of diets. Many of them exist on nothing more than junk food. If this is the case, then the first thing that has to go is that junk food diet. The more junk food that can be cut out of the diet, the more weight is likely to be lost.

Instead a diet made up of fresh fruits and vegetables is what is needed. This might not sound as interesting as a diet of pizza, fries and hamburgers, but the more fruit and vegetables that are eaten, the better the all round weight management and health. Does that mean no more pizza ever? Well no, it just means that pizza, and other considered junk foods, should be eaten sparingly and not eaten as the norm.

The next step towards finding a free weight loss for teens program, is to make sure that there is plenty of regular exercise being taken. That means getting the heart and lungs pumping and working at least three or four times per week for at least twenty minutes at a time. It doesn’t mean that any teen who is not gym orientated or who does not enjoy jogging has to start doing those particular activities. No, any sport or activity that is not preferred, should not be undertaken. Going for a vigorous walk a few times a week is considered adequate exercise. Whatever the exercise taken, it should be done so willingly, only then is it more likely to be continued.

Above all, a free weight loss for teens plan should be realistic and not set the teenager up for failure. Repeated failures are demoralizing and will only result in weight gain. Small, steady progress is always the way to go to see long lasting weight loss.

Get Fit Now with Chinese Weight Loss Tea

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If you’re struggling to lose weight, you might not think that an ancient drink can help you get rid of those unwanted pounds. Despite the fact that we’re being constantly exposed to the latest and greatest weight loss fads, many Asian cultures have known for ages that the power of green tea, sometimes referred to as Chinese weight loss tea, can help you manage your weight through this amazing tea’s many healthy benefits. In fact, the use of teas as a dietary supplement for overall excellent health and well-being dates back over many thousands of years.

History tells us that the Chinese have long been using green Chinese weight loss tea as a part of their healthy lifestyle, and now the use of such teas to aid in weight loss has made its way the the west. Sales totals around the globe tell us that green teas are now more popular than ever world wide. One of Chinese weight loss tea’s most powerful benefits is that it packs the ability to help boost the metabolism. As you may know, once you decide to modify your diet and begin to cut down on your caloric intake in order to lose weight, your body’s metabolism may slow down considerably as it enters what is known as “starvation mode”.

When this happens, your body senses that food is in short supply and it begins to store additional fat that it can burn later for energy. Even though you’re purposely reducing your food intake in order to lose weight, your body doesn’t know that you’re actually on a diet and trying to shed those extra pounds. In order to avoid a significant drop in your metabolic rate, you may consider turning to Chinese weight loss tea as a method to keep your body burning fat at the normal (or even enhanced) rate.

In addition, Chinese weight loss tea is a completely natural dietary supplement. These days you’ll find weight loss pills of all sorts being sold on television and online. While some of these supplements may be completely safe, unless you understand all of the ingredients and how they may affect your body, you can’t be completely sure about how safe or effective they may be. On the other hand, if you buy only pure and natural Chinese weight loss tea that is grown without harsh chemicals or pesticides, you can be certain that you’re enjoying an all-natural dietary aid.

Like anything else, despite the fact that Chinese weight loss tea can be completely natural and safe, you should beware of over indulgence. Too much of a good thing can be bad for you. In addition, if you’ve never used teas as a weight loss supplement, make sure you check with your doctor or nutritionist before you add it to your diet.

We all have to the pay the piper at some point. As you probably remember how the story went, an enterprising young man offered to take away the rats that were infesting Hamelin. In return he was to be paid for his services, but the town folk reneged on the bargain. Not only did they lose the rats, but their children, too.

Weight loss plans have some similarities to this old fable. The way you diet has much to do with paying the piper. If you try the short cut method of starving yourself, you aren’t paying and the consequences won’t be as expected. If you live up to your commitment, your bill is paid up.

Ninety percent of the weight loss plans commercially advertised promise fast results without any effort on your part. The effort is part of your payment to the piper, and without it you can’t expect to be successful for the long haul. You also pay by making the effort to maintain a healthy diet, not one that just counts calories.

It All Begins In Your Head

Even if you are aware of the facts, they won’t do you much good if you can’t get with the program. The right kind of weight loss plans will work for anyone, but that only happens with commitment. If you are not motivated, no diet will work.

Just knowing something is the right thing to do is not motivation enough to carry a person through a change in lifestyle. When you develop tendencies to sit on the couch and eat junk food, it is hard to wake up one day and change unless something motivates you.

Motivation might come from your physician, who says you are at a serious health risk if you don’t lose weight. Wouldn’t it be better to get started on a weight maintenance program without losing your health first?

One hundred percent of weight loss plans do not provide the motivation necessary for commitment. You have to furnish that yourself. The first change you must make is right between your ears. Without that, you won’t lose the pounds and maintain your optimal weight.

Time for Reprogramming

The residents of Hamelin were stubborn, much the same as people are today. Their minds were set on getting something for nothing, and there was no change in that attitude until it was too late. You have the time beginning right now to change your attitude. You must work at incorporating new thoughts into your subconscious mind if you are to follow weight loss plans that not only work to get you to the weight and size you want to be, but keep you there.

The right motivation must carry you through until your trained subconscious mind begins to take over the reins and the lifestyle becomes habit. You must convince yourself that it will only get easier, the longer you stay with a life choice to maintain the weight you really want, because it is true.

You can pay the piper now or keep on failing to lose weight and keep it off. The choice is up to you.

The idea that your subconscious mind may be actively blocking your conscious efforts to lose weight can be hard to swallow at first. So in addition to revealing my top 4 secrets to effective weight loss, I have included in my free report “Visualization Secrets For Weight Loss Success” a section on how mastering your subconscious mind through visualization can make all the difference to your level of weight loss success.

Get in Control with a Medical Weight Loss Center

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Losing weight can be a challenge, and I think most of us who have tried to shed unwanted pounds will likely agree on that point. While effective weight control seems to come very easily for some people, for others it is quite often a tremendous strain that requires not only a great deal of work and dedication, but in many cases a significant amount of support and direction as well. For many folks, the need for assistance in reaching their weight loss goals comes in the form of a medical weight loss center.

Just about anywhere you live you are probably going to find a professional medical weight loss center that offers programs designed to help you maximize your fitness efforts and to help you lose weight in a very effective and safe manner. Help is available, and you should consider taking part in a program offered by a certified medical weight loss center when you face the need or desire to lose pounds.

When it comes to diet and exercise programs you’ll find that these days there are a lot of fads in the marketplace which may or may not be safe or effective. There are diet plans and fitness programs of all sorts, as well as a wide variety of supplements and other shortcut “miracle pills” that are touted as the next big thing in weight loss. These types of plans and programs could potentially have unintended results or possibly serious health risks associated with them. Therefore, it is always wise to rely on the expertise of a medical professional when undertaking a weight management program, and if you are fortunate to have access to a medical weight loss center, you may find that the direction and support these facilities provide are invaluable to achieving your fitness goals. A medical weight loss center can be your key to safe and effective weight control. Most centers are staffed with a group of well-trained and experienced medical professionals who are chosen for their commitment to helping those who need to lose weight and get healthy. Going it on your own can be a difficult challenge, and choosing to participate in a supervised program at a certified medical weight loss center will more than likely help you to stay on track and to maximize your fitness efforts. Remember that there are professionals out there who are available to help you make safe and healthy choices when it comes to losing weight.

These days, help and support for your own personal weight loss is available in the form of a certified professional medical weight loss center. Through facilities such as these you have the opportunity to work with an experienced medical staff that can provide you with educated direction and assistance to reach your best level of personal fitness.

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I have a cousin who went from being morbidly obese for many years, to a mere 165 pounds in a few short years. His weight loss was not dramatic, it was not chemically induced with diet pills, and he sure did not follow any of the many diet program out there. He never did Atkins, or Slimfast or JennyCraig, or any such thing, but he did achieve his weight loss goal. His, was a natural weight loss that was consistent and sustained.

But What Was The Secret Behind His Weight Loss Success?

Before we talk about that, let’s talk about where he came from first. I remember very well, how in the heydays of his morbid obesity, we would go to the buffet (he loved food) and he would pile up as high as he could, and make 2, 3 or even 4 refill trips. He would chide me about being afraid of food and too skinny and would sincerely encourage me to stack up. But I was never big with food, and to some degree even afraid as he said. I would look at the food and imagine how all that would sit in my stomach and cringe. But that was those days. I eat a little more now.

Going back to the secret of his resounding natural weight loss success, the secret is that there is no secret. There is nothing that he did that we all do not know or can not do. But he has one thing that some of us do not have and that is a burning desire to loose weight. But desire alone is not enough. Faith without works is dead faith. Desire without effort is wishful thinking and of no effect.

The good news is that he did not have to turn his world upside down and inside out in order to loose weight. He only had to make some adjustments, two to be exact. He changed his eating habit, and injected some exercise into his daily routine and that is it.

Whereas he would previously load up on anything that was set before him, now he did his eating with reason and in moderation, carefully choosing foods higher in fiber. And instead of his usual multiple refill trips at buffets, now he makes just one trip, and if he has to make another trip, he sticks to the veggies and fruits. He also reduced his soda consumption and instead drinks water for the most part.

To complement the change in his diet, my cousin thought it would be helpful to inject some exercise into his daily routine. He did not have to do anything dramatic like jugging 15 miles every morning or lifting 300 lbs, 50 times every evening. No. He simply got himself a nice little stationary bike and rode 10 to 15 minutes every morning while watching the news and the weather, and on those evenings when he was not too tired.

What was his motivation and how did he sustain it?

I am glad you asked. You know how they say “People don’t change until the pain of remaining the same become too great”. My cousin, on one of his annual visits to his doctor, was suddenly faced with the prospect of early death form stroke or heart attack due to high blood pressure if he does not embark promptly on a weight loss program to reduce his weight. Needless to say that he did not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that he needed to make the right changes to his diet.

But considering his love for food, I was concerned about his ability to make any meaningful changes in his diet that would ring the kind of weight loss that his doctor was recommending. I was certainly wrong as he soon shattered every concern that I had.

At first, it seemed nothing was happening, but over time, I could see the weight coming off as the weeks turned into months and months into years. This is about his fifth year and he has reached a healthy weight of about 165 pounds considering his height and still holding strong. We could almost wear the same size clothes now.

And to the many out there, desiring to loose weight, my question is “What is your motivation for weight loss? What is it that will keep you in check when the temptation is to do that which you know is inimical to your weight loss goal, and everything in you says forget it? In my humble opinion, I think it would take something pretty compelling to keep your desire alive. For my cousin, it was the instinct to live.

Whatever it is for you, it must be strong enough to “take captive”, to borrow Apostle Paul’s language, “every imagination, every thought contrary” to your weight loss goal and bring them under subject to that goal.

Weight Loss Lesson To Be Learned

What are the weight loss lessons to be learned from this success story? I believe there are a few lessons to be learned here. Some of the lessons are:

1. That weight loss can be achieved on your own, without resorting to any dramatic stunts in order to loose weight.

2. That you can not continue to do the same things and expect weight loss to happen.

3. That diet change is a big part of any successful weight loss plan.

4. That you must have a compelling reason why you want to loose weight and keep that reason close to heart.

5. That you can loose weight naturally without diet pills.

6. That your success story must be written by you.

Good luck with your natural weight loss program and remember, watch your diet, make wise food choices, inject a little exercise into your routine, keep moving and keep your weight loss plan and motivation close to heart.

My very recommanded method that has helped thousands to lose weight without effort


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