How To Lose Weight Fast By Adjusting The Way You Eat | by Arie Jayakusuma | Oct, 2021


Arie Jayakusuma

A Simple Way to Shrink a Distended Stomach and Burn Body Fat, Just Do This While Eating

A distended stomach is generally caused by the accumulation of body fat in the abdomen.

If left unchecked, a distended stomach and excess body fat will make you look less attractive.

It turns out, an easy way to shrink a distended stomach and burn body fat is simply to do this while eating.

How to shrink a distended stomach is the same as getting rid of fat mass in our body parts.

An easy diet to lose weight and overcome a distended stomach is to chew food more slowly.

“The digestive process actually starts from the mouth with the amylase enzyme,”

By increasing the frequency of chewing, it will make food easier to digest.

So that the nutrients contained in these foods can be absorbed properly.

Related diet products are only useful as a SUPPLEMENT, they are helpful and not the main key to a slim body.

That was the explanation from several health nutrition experts on how to overcome a distended stomach and burn belly fat.

You can also follow the diet program for 21 days


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