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Are you wondering about how to lose weight easily? There are a few valuable ways that can help us lose weight simply and easily without weight loss pills or liposuction methods. Of course, the most important thing is that we must be patient. Losing weight safely can not be done only after one night.

According to nutrition experts, to lose weight effectively you should be made at least 2 things: having a reasonable diet and doing regular physical activities as possible.

How To Lose Weight Easily

Starting with a reasonable diet, which includes reducing energy intake, we must ensure adequate nutrition, reduced by eating foods rich in energy such as rice, bread, cakes…. Use smaller plates, eat slowly, chew food thoroughly, and stop eating when we feel full, but just not fasting or skipping meals.

Moreover, there are some foods that will help us lose weight. If we are patient, we can lose weight at least 0.5 to 1.5 kg a week and have more beautiful skin although we don’t have to obey a strict diet. We can simultaneously combine the different ways as follows:

Lose weight easily by drinking honey lemon juice

How to mix: 2 teaspoons of raw honey (forests honey is excellent) and 1/2 to 1 lemon (depending on your taste) + 500 ml warm water at 50 degrees, and then drink the mixture immediately after meals in the mornings or a few minutes before breakfast (for people who don’t have a stomachache): should drink it every day.

It definitely helps to lose weight but we can have smooth skin. For one who can take full advantage of it, can lose 1kg a week. When we don’t want to lose weight, we just drink any one day to maintain weight. we can drink before bedtime. That will also help we to meet the requirements of losing weight.

Lose weight easily with fruit juice/pumpkin juice

Roll or press 1/2 -1 small green pumpkin (gutting), mix water with 1/2 spoon of salt. Drink once a day. We can lose weight effectively, and especially, beautiful skin and good for the colon.

Lose weight easily with ripe mangoes

People who like to eat mangoes could lose weight by eating them more. We should eat 3–4 mangoes a day because eating mangoes also helps to reduce about 1 kg/week.

Lose weight easily with yam

Before breakfast and lunch, we should eat half of the boiled or steamed sweet yam (Not fried), drink one glass of water, reduce the amount of rice respectively maternal weight of yam. -> just make sure we are full, to lose weight, laxatives, and healthy skin. Consistently, we can reduce 1 kg in 2 weeks.

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Lose weight easily with boiled corn

Also similar to the yam, but we eat fully boiled corn for a meal -> reduce 1kg / a week

With Orange Juice/ lemon saltwater.

If we do like to drink orange or lemon juice with sugar, we should use salt instead of sugar. Drink it for 1month and we could not want to drink anymore because you lose weight so fast.

Lose weight easily with boiled zucchini

Eating boiled zucchini for dinner in a week, may be reduced by more than 1kg.

The second step to lose weight effectively is to do regular exercises from 30–60 minutes per day: walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, and keeping fit… When you exercise, a large number of calories will be burned and will help you lose weight or maintain the weight that you need.

Lose weight and notes:

Between physical activities and diet, you should pay more attention to the role of diet in weight loss because it will decide the whole effect. In addition to two above main factors, other ways are only supported measures.

Do not set goals to lose weight in one month and each time, losing weight should last at least 3 months, with the goal of reducing 500gr per week, if so, it is a great success.

You should always have available certain foodstuff to eat when hungry or craving. Never let you be hungry or too hungry to eat anything.

Record what you’ve eaten. Count the volume of calories that were consumed during the day. Thereby, we will see the danger of junk food: That’s enough needed energy but you still lack the necessary substance for the body and the excess to gain weight.

Beware of dishes or meals outside the program, such as parties, festivals or just a few peanuts, a few small loaves.

Eating more vegetables is good for the diet. However, you should be careful with fruits, especially those with sweet taste — no help for weight loss. Vegetables are not rich in energy but many useful vitamins.

Avoid eating food which is rich in animal fat, even the fried dishes, if you can control yourself, you should try only one and only 1 piece.

Drink as much water at any time as possible. You can take 3–4 liters of water daily. Drink water before meals and right after waking up.

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When having free time, you should read books, walk, makeup set… instead of cooking or buying food.


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