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How to learn meditation in 7 days? | by Mahima Sharma | New Writers Welcome | Sep, 2021


Mahima Sharma

From a matter of element, if we continue to talk about meditation, there are simply a lot more things to put into ourselves. Meditation in simple words is connectivity to the divine. The first question that arises in our mind is Why Meditate?

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The answer lies simple, to know oneself, to dive into the depth of divine love, to lighten up the spirit, and help others to achieve it as well. In our daily life, we react to meditation as a stress eraser or a way of calmness or to improve oneself. But nobody ever talks about the depth of it. Why do our bodies react differently or why do our minds relieve? It is because when we meditate, there lies our mother Kundalini in our sacred bone which rises uplifting our spirit and giving us attain true divine love. While she moves to our Sahastrana(on our head), she gives energy to our all 7 chakras.

So, yes meditation is a way of awakening God within ourselves. It has two major components — Dharma and Truth. Without them, one can never attain self-realization i.e, the awakening of the divine power within ourselves.

Enlightened people are easily recognized by their simple and sweet character, a spark in their eyes, the magnetic attraction they carry, and their lovable character. We call this process as second birth of a human being. They despair of cunning thoughts, false Gurus, black magic and all. They develop qualities like innocence, chastity, fearlessness, true knowledge, forgiveness, etc. They see everything around them as a detached person but surely they have abilities to change the world.

When done properly it shows miracles. Like I was reading about treatments of Psychosomatic diseases such as cancer, AIDS, Asthma. And I came to know that they are incurable. Yes, they can be diagnosed through different means but not perfectly curable. Some of us are very much into drugs, alcohol, and other things which even after trying we don’t leave. But you will be amazed to know that all of them are curable when the Kundalini awakens within us. Think of it as a fireball radiating so much heat that all of our 7 energy circles are balanced. And we automatically get corrected. Now, this is what I call love from the Divine. You will not believe but people cure their diseases overnight.

Now, I am not taking this article long. I am only discussing the smallest portion of it which includes How should we start? I was always a believer but I never thought of meditation as a solution to my problems. So, when I started some days were good and other days I was not able to focus.

I still remember those days. But I somehow nailed it following some steps. And these steps are counted in days. So here are 7 days of learning the basics of meditation;

DAY 1- The Mother Earth connection

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We will start by just practising Padmasana. The simplest posture connects us to the element Earth which absorbs all the negativity from us. In Padmasana, you sit cross-legged, back straight, eyes closed, each foot is on the opposite thigh. The picture will make you understand much better. The hands must be open lying on the ends of the knee from the palm side. Sit in this pose for around 30 min. Because we rarely sit like this so we have no practice of it. And try to be thoughtless but since it can’t be achieved at one shot. So you just grab those thoughts that actually are coming into your mind. See, what are those thoughts, and have they any relevancy?

This could be done in the morning or evening anytime. But since the morning time 4 am is best to concentrate as there is no sound.

DAY 2- Breathing Easy

Welcome, to the second day of your class. So we breathe to live. But what we do in our daily life is just inhaling in and out. The second day of yours will be all about breathing deep and relaxing.

Again sit in Padmasana as day 1, and again trace your thoughts and let them go. Then breathe in, hold onto 5 seconds and breathe out. Repeat this for 20 and then see whether your mind reached one higher state. If not, repeat this for 20 and continue till 30 minutes.

This exercise generally vents out all the negative energies and thoughts from your body detoxifying it. Remember, this time you are concentrating on your breathing and your heartbeat. This is not introspection but just knowing our inner body.

Day 3- Classical Music Therapy

The day 3rd is important because we are doing something new. Who loves music? Everyone right? But are you aware of that pure music call ’em, ragas? This day again you will repeat sitting in Padmasana, breathing exercise for around 5 minutes. And then some Ragas automatically fill you with positivity. Here I am attaching some links-

Raag 1st

Raag 2nd

Just listen to them concentrating on it. And listening to them will give you miracle energy that won’t let you tire till evening.

Day 4- Concentration

Meditation without concentration is worthless. The key demand of it is concentration which is called Chitta (in Hindi). Now your attention must be pure and strong.

What we do is we give attention to all the stupid things around us that damage it. And so we feel tired, sleepiness, drowsiness. This is because all our attention is divided into several parts which are not good.

So this day we will learn pure attention. I am attaching a picture here. Try to concentrate on this redpoint. Try not to close your eyes. if your eyes are teary or watery or closing again and again, that means your attention is still divided. Try to focus on it for at least 15 minutes hearing the same Raga in Padmasana posture.

Day 5 — Sea Water Therapy

Water is among the important 5 elements. So we take seawater as a cleansing medium of all negative emotions, feelings, outbreaks.

What you need to do is if you have an ocean or sea nearby, just take a chair on the shore and sit with your legs in it. Keep your hands open and your eyes closed. Pray to God in your mind “ O Divine power, please cleanse my body and thoughts. Fill me with positivity.”

If you don’t have the sea nearby, then what you can do is take some water in a bucket and fill it half with water and some salt in it.

Stay in this position for around 15 minutes and wash your feet with fresh water. And let this water go in the pot. Because it has absorbed all the negatives so don’t let this water come under anyone’s feet.

Secondly while sitting in this posture you can also listen to Raga. It works wonders. It just sounds stupid but trusts me, it will work.

Day 6- Introspection

This say is all about introspecting ourselves. Yes, we have many bad things in us. But forgive yourself for them and don’t let them take place again in your life. And just, give attention to thoughts and ask yourself, why I am thinking of them? And let them stop completely.

Now forgive everyone who has ever done wrong to you or broke your heart. It is hard but not impossible. Remember Christ followed forgiveness. So please forgive everyone. Today, you will just sit in Padmansa, listen to the Raga, and say with your heart that you forgive everyone.

Day 7 — The Last Day

You will just combine everything you did in previous days today. You will take posture as Padmasana. And you will concentrate on the picture of Redpoint. Release every toxic thought left inside you. And let your body give you a cooler breeze from your palms. Practice seawater therapy.

This day is easier for you. You just need to dive into positivity.

Start from today up to your next 7 days and see the difference. In all these days, remember you are doing this for your own soul. Because the microbody inside you which is called spirit also needs some attention. This spirit is made of divine powers. Let it form you into a better version of yourself. And please let me know how was the journey of these 7 days with me?

Thanks for reading….

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