How to keep energy bills down working from home


With many people stuck working from home and energy prices at record highs, it’s going to cost more this winter to keep warm.

Several energy companies have gone bust in recent months as the price of gas rises, but the energy cap – which protects householders from big increases in their bills – mean they are unable to pass all of the cost on. However, prices have still gone up.

To answer the question many of us are asking, experts have shared their tips on how to be comfortable at home while staying as energy efficient as possible to help keep bills down.

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Here are some tips from Antonio Dengra, chief executive of electric heating company Rointe.

Use a thermostat

“To ensure your home has balanced energy consumption we recommend using a thermostat to programme the temperature.

“This can be either an external thermostat connected to your heating and hot water system, or a thermostat in an individual product.

“When the temperature in your home falls below the set degrees, your system will be activated. It can even be turned off if you’re not home.”

Maintain a set temperature in your home

“It’s advised that you maintain an average temperature of 21 degrees in your home to achieve the perfect balance between efficient consumption and pleasant temperature. Additionally, this is a much more sustainable and responsible way of saving energy.”

Keeping the heat above 20C is recommended
Keeping the heat above 20C is recommended

Retain heat by blocking draughts and tackling bad insulation

“One of the best ways to retain heat is through your windows and doors, preventing cold draughts from filtering through.

“Poor insulation can amount to up to 25 per cent of heat loss which directly affects consumption and can make it very difficult to increase your monthly savings.”

Don’t cover radiators

“It’s common and often overlooked, but putting wet clothes on top of radiators or putting a piece of furniture too close can have a negative effect on energy consumption as it doesn’t allow for proper air circulation, meaning your heating system will have to work harder. It’s also not advisable from a safety point of view.”

Find a way to stop losing heat into your conservatory

“An often overlooked part of the house, conservatories provide the perfect escape route for your heating, creating the feeling of a draft through to adjoining rooms.

“If it’s a room you rarely use, you may not realise how much of the warmth from the rest of your home is escaping through it.”

Don't let cold draughts make you miserable
Don’t let cold draughts make you miserable

Set a different temperature for each area of the home

“Installing a thermostat will allow you to either turn off or put certain radiators, towel rails or underfloor heating systems on eco mode.

“When you’re working from home, it’s likely that there are only certain rooms in your home that you use every day, so turn off the radiators and close the doors of the rooms you’re not using to save on energy consumption and your monthly bill.”

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