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How To Get Laser-Like Focus Through Nutrition | by Eli Straw | Dec, 2021


There is a link between the food we eat and our ability to concentrate.

Eli Straw

“If you allow yourself to neglect the brain, at one point or another, the strength you’ve obtained physically will only take you so far.”

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Amino Acids

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Benefit #1: Reduced Stress

Benefit #2: Increased Work Quality

Benefit #3: Better Time Management

Benefit #4: Improved Mindfulness

Step #1: Map Out Your Diet

Step #2: Include the Right Food

Step #3: Make Your Eating Habitual & Routine

Step #4: Allow Yourself Some Breaks

“The key to making any diet last is flexibility. I truly believe, allowing yourself opportunities to break from the daily grind of sticking to your meal plan is a crucial piece of lasting success.”

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