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How to decorate a Christmas table – 6 unique DIY tablescaping tips


Homemade place settings

Homemade place settings is the perfect way to organise who is sitting where while making your guests feel welcome.

It doesn’t take much effort to write names on cards and decorate them with ribbon, greenery and glitter.

Alternatively, you could make biscuits and ice names on them for place settings.

Take it high

Floating centrepieces are this season’s best way to elevate your table, which is extremely beneficial if you’re working with a small table.

Holly said: “As most people don’t have enough room on the table for much other than the food – lifting your piece without having to hook it to the ceiling can be done by attaching an over the table rod added to the ends of the table to create an effortless look.

“Drape greenery, baubles – or my choice this year – giant ribbons and lights to create magic above, a lovely sight for your guests to look at – and something you can keep up for the festive period and into Valentine’s, Mother’s Day and Easter too!

“To create this wonderful scenery yourself, check out the Over The Table Rod, Christmas tree fairy lights and faux pine tree branch from our Partners at notonthehighstreet.”

Or, you could opt for a metal table clamp from Ginger Ray for a similar effect. 

Jess said: “A metal table clamp that safely fixes to either end of your table allows you to drape foliage and accent decorations elegantly above your table set up.

“If you’re stuck for decorations, simply take a few from your tree and attach these to the metal clamp in any sparse areas throughout the foliage.” 

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