How to create a no-weed garden in your backyard


From using hot water to garlic sprays and a dash of sugar, every gardener has tried to battle the weeds in their garden but is there an easier way to keep them at bay?

Gardening consultant and self-confessed weed whisperer Kate Wall believes we should all learn to love weeds and work with them, not against them. 

So how do you become one with the weeds in your yard?

Kate has some top tips for creating a no-weed garden.

Consulting gardener Kate Wall urges people to check their soil first.(ABC Rural: Jessica Schremmer)

Grow more plants

Kate says the fuller the garden, the better it is to keep weeds away.

“If there are no gaps there are no weeds,” she says.

“When you have a full garden there is less work to do as you don’t need to weed as the garden takes care of itself.

“It creates a microclimate therefore the plants start supporting each other so a full garden is less work.”

Mulching can also help keep the weeds at bay.(ABC Radio Brisbane: Jessica Hinchliffe)

It can be tricky if you’re trying to create a formal garden, but Kate says it’s not impossible.

“Formal gardens are more work overall as you’re hedging and clipping but it’s about being strategic,” she says.

“A wilder garden is often less work and less about weeding.”


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