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How to buy scuba gear in GTA Online


Hidden treasures lurk in the ocean, which is Why GTA Online players should buy scuba gear.

These protective suits allow players to breathe underwater. Keep in mind that scuba gear only appears when the player is submerged. GTA Online gives players a good reason to dive underwater. Cayo Perico has several treasures deep within the blue sea. There is only one way to obtain them.

To get started, players will need to buy scuba gear. GTA Online does it differently than GTA 5. It’s not as simple as going into a submersible vehicle. Players will need lots of money to make these purchases. They also need to be pointed in the right direction. Here is what is required to be done.

GTA Online: How to buy scuba gear

Players have to spend money to make money in GTA Online. Otherwise, they will be unable to buy scuba gear. Players need to save money before doing so.

Find a clothing store or Ammu-Nation

GTA Online players can buy scuba gear at any clothing store. It will be available in the Outfits menu. Alternatively, they can also go to a local Ammu-Nation. The price falls between $155,500 and $163,000.

It all depends on the color scheme. These range from standard black to bright yellow and red. While the overall costs are expensive, it’s the cheapest method. Players should definitely save it as a custom outfit.

Alternatively, players can also buy a submarine.

Purchase the Kosatka

This large and powerful vessel is necessary for Cayo Perico heists. Players can buy the RUNE Kosatka to obtain free scuba gear. Of course, that is not the main reason to purchase this submarine. It’s a nice little bonus.

The Kosatka has a minimum cost of $2,200,000. However, each upgrade will significantly raise the price. The Kosatka may charge upwards of $9,085,000. There are also daily maintenance costs of $150.

Players have simpler methods to buy scuba gear. Of course, Cayo Perico is one of the main reasons why players need one. They have to purchase the Kosatka anyways. If that is the case, they should save money for the submarine. This will save them $155,500-$163,000 on scuba gear.

Players should definitely buy scuba gear

There are treasure chests all over the coasts of Cayo Perico. GTA Online players will need to buy scuba gear beforehand. This will allow them to explore underwater areas. However, they have to be cautious.

Players will be notified if they are within the danger zone. There are pressure levels within the ocean. If the player goes too deep, they will be crushed. There is also potential for shark attacks. Last but not least, there is always the threat of nearby players. GTA Online can be a ruthless experience.

Cayo Perico is full of hidden secrets. Sometimes it’s an alien artifact. Meanwhile, there are underwater collectibles. Players will have plenty of usage with the scuba gear. They just need to get their hands on the suit.

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