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How The Word “Ok” Started As A Joke | by Ryan Winterlake | Dec, 2021


Ryan Winterlake

Learn The Mistaken History Behind The Word “Ok”

Photo by STEPHEN POORE on Unsplash

It all started with a misspelling,

The history behind the 2-letter word representing whether the person is alright or not started from the sons & daughters of wealthy Boston nobles back in the 1830. And it was a popular trend during that time.

Like today we have the words, “lit” and “on fire” that’s how OK came into being.

Okay, going back to the Boston’s nobles (see what I did there? haha) People love to abbreviate with 2-letter words, some sort of a coded message that only people in the elites will know. These are KC, KY, OW & OK.

K.C. Knuff Ced (‘nough said)

K.Y. Know Yuse (No Use)

O.W. Oll Wright (Alright)

and of course, the only coded-message that lasted throughout time:

O.K. Oll Korrect (All Correct)

It’s early use is used to confirm that everything is in order (nothing’s out of place)

One day, a writer decided to include the O.K. coded message in one of the articles that is published in Boston Morning Post. Soon enough, word traveled around and other newspapers in the country picked up the joke.

And just like that, what was once only a top-secret message only shared between Boston’s elite, is now known to almost every single American and other nations who had been closely following Hollywood media. (In short, almost the entire world)

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-Ryan Winterlake

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