How Much Money Do Fitness Trainers Make?


There are countless certifications out there, so be sure you’re selecting a credible program to ensure your success as a fitness trainer. Kristie Alicea, CPT, NCSF, ACE, AFPA, and co-founder of ABC Fit Collective told Business Insider, “You should look for a nationally accredited certification: One that has a curriculum that focuses on anatomy, science, trusted methodologies, and movement patterns.” She also warns that a strong program won’t be quick. “No program should promise that you can get certified in a day,” she says.

According to Shape, the best overall fitness trainer certification program is through the National Academy for Sports Medicine¬†for its self-paced curriculum and high success rate for employment after certification. Plus, it’s all online.

Be sure to choose a program that fits your lifestyle and is the logical bridge to where you want to end up in your career, whether it’s working in a well-known and established gym or as an entrepreneur, creating your own fitness training practice.


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