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How much green tea should one drink to reduce 10 kg in one month? | by CatandGiraffe | Dec, 2021



My answer may let you down, there is no way to lose weight by drinking green tea alone.

Usually when people mention “green tea can lose weight”, actually they are mainly talking about the Role of Catechins in green tea, because green tea has the highest content of catechins in all types of teas.

Catechins can regulate lipid metabolism, mainly in the following cases:

  • Catechins can regulate the activity of enzymes associated with cholesterol.

So if you analyze it carefully, you will realize that the essence of the so-called “green tea can lose weight” claim is still based on the most basic truth:

When you consume more calories than you take in, that is when you really lose weight.

Eating less + exercising more is the eternal answer. Good luck with your weight loss:)

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Cat and Giraffe

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