How many TikTok views needed to make a living? |


September 27, 2021

The emergence of TikTok has rapidly revolutionised the world of social media. Social media fanatics certainly see the platform’s huge appeal and are already considering the possibilities of becoming full-time TikTokers.

Financial institute Cashfloat has utilised the latest analytics data from LickD to establish how many TikTok views citizens from across 44 European countries would need to earn the same amount as the net average annual salary in their respective country, if they were considering quitting their full-time job to become a full-time TikToker.

Highlights from the research include:

  • UK is in ninth position as Brits who aspire to be full-time TikTokers would need 102,830,330 TikTok views to equal the average net average annual salary of €31,968 in their country
  • Liechtenstein (188,577,327), Switzerland (174,226,727), Luxembourg (137,879,129) and Denmark (137,537,538) are among the other European countries where aspiring TikTokers would need to surpass over 135 million TikTok views to generate the same sum as the net average yearly income in their respective countries
  • There are an average 57,200 global online searches per month for ‘how to make money on Tiktok?’ whilst there are an average 33,600 worldwide online searches a month for ‘how to get followers on TikTok?


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