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How I lost 97 pounds of fat in just 25 days with proof, using these secret hacks that helped me and… | by Treasure C. | Nov, 2021

November 29, 2021


How I lost 97 pounds of fat in just 25 days with proof, using these secret hacks that helped me and my fat friend’s as well……

It shocked me as well because I thought I would be fat for the rest of my life……but you can see before and after images of me shown below…

The one on the left side was me at over 292 pounds and then the one you see on the other side is what I now look like after using the hack (195 pounds) that I will talk about in this article.

Well anyway, my name is Treasure, and I am a 31 years old female who is married to a great man and gifted with two beautiful kids.

My journey of overweightness started when I lost my parents and my unborn brother in a ghastly car accident at the age of 9, it was the worst experience I have ever encountered in my life, it affected my whole life leaving me in a state of depression, thanks to my aunt who always stood by my side in such a terrible state. I could vividly remember that I tried several suicidal attempt because I felt life was not worth living without my loved ones but all proved abortive as my aunt would always come to my rescue, and she would always rush me to the hospital which was just a milestone away from her home. Thanks to the therapist who gave me hope about life, and I was also given anti-depressants known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to help me combat depression which was extremely helpful but I never knew that was where my issue of weight gain would start. The anti-depressants which I was administered had some negative side effects on me; by drastically reducing the rate of calories my body burned, increasing my appetite which made me to be diagnosed with binge-eating disorder. Binge-eating disorder actually is an eating disorder which might be triggered my some medication or could be inbirth In which you consume an unusually large amount of food and feel unable to stop eating. I could easily see myself frequently consuming large portions of food and my aunt started restricting me from the refrigerator and kitchen but I normally used some of my savings to order some junk foods to satisfy my gut which I did stealthy or furtively.

Over the years, I continued with my sedentary or inactive lifestyle coupled with my excessive eating and I kept on accumulating and storing excess flabs of fat in my body, by the time I was 28 I weighed not less than 323, I was also diagnosed with some varieties of medical conditions as a result of my continuous weight gain, such as severe joint problems and back pain, Type 2 diabetes, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and some sleep-related breathing disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea, a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts and also had high blood pressure and frequent migraines.

I started taking medications to alleviate all my disorders and my doctor told me that if I continued with my unhealthy habits that I would impose some serious threat to my life and I would also increase my mortality rate. On hearing these, I experienced a sudden fear which I haven’t felt before, and my doctor also said losing some pounds of weight would also help solve the issue.

For the first time in my life, I was motivated to lose weight not for the sake of looking good, but for personal wellness and improving my health—an approach that changed my whole life.

So I was willing to do whatever it would take to shed off those fat, and I was all around the internet asking and searching for help.

Firstly, I tried intermittent fasting (I.F as we all know it) but I wasn’t consistent to it and it was not safe to my overall health, so I decided to try several diets such as fad/crash-diets (those diet that requires you to abstain or restrict from certain meals or food in other to lose weight), yoyo-diet and also indulged in several weight loss pills and supplements but nothing stuck, and I know that people have actually lose weight using those methods because I myself lost weight with them also but the problem with that was that I always gain all the weight back once I stop, I always found myself craving and consuming more food leading to much calorie intake which also increased my weight and I found myself losing little pounds and gaining double when I stopped, so I made further research which resulted me hitting the gym but shockingly I always gassed out or will I say, I didn’t have enough energy to do more reps or exercise further.

Having been disappointed again, I never gave up because my health and life depended on it. So I was hovering around the internet until I found an interesting blog post or an article written by HEALTHLINE on how to lose weight naturally and healthy using a low-carb diet and much more, this method simply involved

  1. increasing protein intake
  2. decreasing refined carbohydrate consumption
  3. increasing your body metabolism
  4. getting enough sleep and rest
  5. eating plenty of fiber
  6. staying hydrated or drinking enough water
  7. balancing gut bacteria
  8. eating whole, single-ingredient
  9. reducing alcohol consumption
  10. eating more fruits and vegetables
  11. cutting calories
  12. using healthy fats and other healthier frying methods such as grilling, air frying and smoking etc
  13. stepping on the scale
  14. setting realistic goals and focusing on changing your overall lifestyle
  15. exercising and much more.

You can click here to visit the HEALTHLINE blog post to gain more detailed information.

So I decided to give the out listed method a try and I saw some results afterwards which amazed me a bit because I didn’t have to starve myself or restrict some meals unlike those crash diets, although …it took me about 4 weeks to lose about 8 pounds I still felt a need to make more researches as I was not satisfied with my results.

Luckily for me, I came across a long-time friend whom I knew was also as fat as me (although I am fatter than her; her picture above) in a new appearance. I was so amazed and astonished with her new looks and I told her that I admired her appearance and how did she make it a reality, she told me she also engaged in the low-carb diet as I did and also face the same problem as mine, but she met a new turnaround when she heard about a weight loss formula called PrimeShred via an advertisement on Facebook. She said she was reluctant and skeptical at first when she saw the advertisement and thought it would appear to be another weight loss supplements or pills that claimed to help one lose weight as regard to her past experience.

So she decided to visit the website and read everything single text on the page to know more about the product which she found educative and convincing but what persuaded her to give it a try was when she saw the “100 money-back guarantee” on the website page (which means if you try the product for at least 100 days and you didn’t lose any weight or you aren’t satisfied with your result or the Product, then you are free to ask for a refund and get your money as soon as possible). She said seeing the level of confidence of the company she ordered the product and it was swift delivery, and she gave it a try and that was how she lost her weight, and she told me that what led to the rapid weight loss was because she coupled the supplement with a healthy-living practice and was able to stay for months without gaining any weight.

Having heard all about her personal experience I didn’t need a prophet to tell me what to do next, I bought PrimeShred and gave it a try and seriously I felt it effectiveness from the first day of using it because I started sweating furiously, I also incorporated it into my low-carb diet and the rest method.

You Can Click Here to Get PrimeShred Using The Discounted Link That I Used To Get Mine.

In fact I felt more energy in me, so I decided to go to the gym again, I started with little weights till the extent I started engaging in high intensity workout (you can check out the pictures of me in the gym below) which stimulated my body to burn more fat and I felt my appetite has reduced as I no longer craved for food as usual.

Well anyway, PrimeShred is an active focused fat burner, which has been specifically formulated to help men and women like me and you drop our body fat percentage and see lean muscle growth and it’s made of 100% natural ingredients and that’s just the best. This formula is manufactured in the USA and have been fully certified by the FDA and not just that this supplement is free from artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives and it’s made from active ingredients like cayenne pepper, green tea extract, rhodiola rosea root, caffeine, green coffee, DMAE and much more….. which helps to facilitate weight loss efficiently, and Primeshred is also free from soy, gluten, GMO and dairy and these formula is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

And not just that, PrimeShred helps the body to get rid of those excess flabs of fat by accelerating the natural fat-burning process of the body by activating the fat-burning hormones that break down stubborn fat, amplifies energy by increasing the body metabolism and mental focus which help to increase the rate at which we exercise forcing the body to burn large amount of calories, reduces appetite and lowers food craving making the body to feel more full so that it would take in lesser calories and stop the reformation of fat reserves after losing weight which also aided to the tightening of my losed and saggy skin after weight loss etc, all thanks to its’ natural components.

And I also have to emphasize that since I stopped using PrimeShred I haven’t gained back those pounds of fat back and how I knew this is because it has been months since I stopped using the formula and my weight hasn’t increased.

You Can Visit Primeshred Official Website To Know More About These Wonderful Formula By Clicking Here.

Being overweight isn’t something to be proud of, thanks to my friend and the endless researches i made which helped me lose those fat for good even though it was a stressful process but it was worth doing, that is why I decided to share my story in other to give you hope so as to prevent you from passing through this dishearten pathway that I went through.

Losing that weight seems to be an achievement that needs to be celebrated. I no longer have to take any medication, feel bad about myself or life, I now have confidence in myself, courage to do anything, and pride in how far I have come. Now I’m a better woman, spouse, mum, employee, sister and friend to everyone around me. I truly feel free from my chains that bound me for so many years and also free to live the best life and take advantage of what life has to offer and I wish you do the same and I want you to believe it’s never too late to change your life no matter how long you’ve been stuck.














Disclaimer: Individual results may vary and note, I permanently lost my weight because I focused mainly on losing them for the long-term through engaging in healthy practices of losing weight coupled with the supplement which served as a booster and catalyst for my weightloss process and nevertheless these article may contain affiliate link which means I may earn some little commission if purchased with no additional cost occurring to you.

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