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How Do You Spot a Fake Guru?. There are millions of people who have… | by Chris Dickson | Oct, 2021


Chris Dickson

There are millions of people who have been affected financially by Covid-19. Honest and serious people are searching the internet for ways to make money. The demand for a side hustle is growing daily. This demand has created a niche for YouTube entrepreneurs who make money when people watch their videos.

How do you spot a fake guru?

Pay attention to what they are teaching. Make sure to test it right away. One guru said you can make money from a YouTube video. He shared step-by-step instructions. It appears very simple and straightforward. As a last step in the process, I posted the link to Pinterest. When I did, Pinterest rejected it. Many comments from that video shared the same experience. Their link has been blocked by Pinterest. Has the Guru ever tried this method? How can they teach something they have never tried? Another YouTube Guru posted a video saying that you can make $12 by listening to music on Spotify. It Sounded interesting. We followed along with his tutorial step by step. But the guru failed to mention that the system works with the cooperation between Spotify music and another site called “Playlist Push.”.

You may be accepted as a music curator by PlaylistPush if you have a minimum of 1,000 followers per playlist . Their requirements are quite strict. This process is doable but it will take time. The Video Guru never mentions this. When you follow the Gurus’ techniques and realize they are useless, look for serious online mentors. There are several great Online business Gurus on YouTube who know what they are talking about. Find them and stick to them for massive success !!!

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