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How do I lose weight quickly but safely? | by Kai Smith | Sep, 2021

September 14, 2021


How do I lose weight quickly but safely?

There are thousand of diets out there but what I am about to discuss it the basic Diet that most people forget about it ,everything in life is simple until we come and complicate it (I don’t mean everything of course).

What do I mean by living healthy lifestyle:

1-Try to walk or run or play any sport or become active during the day rather than sitting on a desk the whole day.

2-Most of us think that healthy food is expensive but what really is expensive will be your medical bill , without health we are dead and unuseful but most of us realized that while they are in hospital.

3-You can’t stop eating the unhealthy food suddenly, rather you should take it as a journey by that you gradually decrease you intake of unhealthy food until your body Don’t crave for them.

4-Water: I don’t know how many cups of water you consume a day but you should always have a bottle of water around you – Water is magical and if you read about the benefits of water you will start drinking more.

5-Sleeping: Our body want rest to function at its best. When you don’t sleep well you always feel tired and hungry and you will always pick the wrong choice.

6-What to do if you really want to eat something unhealthy:Eat a small portion to not make your brain and body feel deprivation. By eating small portion of everything you are on the path of healthy lifestyle track and if you can’t eat small portions , I encourage you to start eating with chcho

Here are 9 more tips to lose weight faster:

Eat a high protein breakfast. …

Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice. …

Drink water before meals. …

Choose weight-loss-friendly foods. …

Eat soluble fiber. …

Drink coffee or tea. …

Base your diet on whole foods. …

Eat slowly.

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