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How did I lose 20 kg in 3 months “Easily” | by Adarsh Somani | Sep, 2021

September 10, 2021


Adarsh Somani

Disclaimer: what I describe here might or might not work for you

My Transformation

It was the time to make a decision, as weight was started to show on my face, I was getting bad sleep and I couldn’t click a photo without my jacket and I couldn’t wear any of my old shirts and jeans and I got an inch in shoe size.

I started to get motivation from online, as this was the first time I had to lose weight since I have been naturally thin and the flab of fat was already demotivating me.

I wasn’t sure on first day that If I will be able to do it and was worried it will take years to get back to old shape and keeping motivation that long won’t be easy. So I had to research on some other way.

Photo by Jake Young on Unsplash

1. Not doing any running/weight lifting

Photo by Ruel Abadam on Unsplash

This might raise eyebrows but I searched a lot of material online, and I came to conclusion that if you are unfit and has weight issue, running and weight lifting is not the way to go initially. Since you already feel hungry even in sedentary life cycle and has a slow metabolism.

If you top up some heavy stuff, your body will demand even more energy and food, and due to the metabolism, you might be eating way more then which you can burn with tiring exercises.

For e.g. even with 2 hours of running, you might be burning maximum 1000 calories and for that you might be eating 2000 calories to compensate, or if you have a will power to stop yourself from eating that much, body will start consuming muscles because it is still not adapted to using fat as a fuel. Also you will be worn out pretty soon because this is unsustainable when you are unfit.

So you need to think this process in scientific way , as in the end burning fat means body converting the fat to energy to run your body. And body actually burns more calories in maintenance i.e. maintaining body temperature, running your brain, organs, far greater then you can burn in exercise, so you need to trigger to consume less calories then the maintenance calories and also make body burn more calories in maintenance.

To trigger this, running and exercise is the way, but yoga and walking does the same thing, from the outside you are burning less calories(still not much difference max 200–300 difference in calories in running and walking if you do regularly). And 200–300 calories difference is negligible compared to what we want our body to burn. This is much more sustainable and you are less likely to feel hunger after a walk than running. Also with walk you breath more air, so more oxygen help burning fat more.

e.g. Calories Burnt in running (600 calories) + maintenance calories (2000 calories) = 2600 calories

Calories Burnt in running (300 calories) + maintenance calories (2000 calories) = 2300 calories

Not much difference right plus you will be consuming less after a walk.

With walk, I didn’t set any step target, just I made a list of places which I wanted to explore via walk and that was my motivation.

2. Giving Up Cravings

Photo by La Pájara Azul on Unsplash

Well this was the hard part. Issue with craving is that our body is demanding exotic food all the time like sugars, snacks, cold drinks and we forgot to appreciate the home cooked meals and concept of moderation,

So I had to punish myself for that forgetting the taste of actual food.

I started to give up things one by one, For the first month I let go of added sugar and cold drinks but was still enjoying the savoury like chips and added black coffee to clean up my tongue and mind off from sugar.

After one month, I started “One week extreme keto”

This was the hardest part for the first 4 days, as I decided to leave every bit of carbohydrate even the healthy once like legumes, and went for one time a day keto diet.

I would only consume bowl of shallow fried cottage cheese, onions, yogurt, almonds and some water melon, and kept away from all other tastes. I was eating only one time a day and then went hungry for next 24 hours. I wasn’t realising that time that I was actually doing intermittent fasting.

I was dizzy after 3 days and was lot more thirstier then usually, that meant my body has entered the keto phase nicely. I added some long walk 2 hours before my next meal, that means I was walking being hungry for last 22 hours.

To my surprise, my body adapted so well, it was totally energetic for such less food, was getting no hunger in sleep, and my walk was enjoyable.

But most importantly I realised the importance of actual food, when i found a carrot and legume curry a lot tastier after this “extreme keto” phase, and my mind wasn’t even thinking of pizza.

So After a week, I started normal healthy diet, which is more sustainable in long run and tastes better then keto although I kept my carbs intake still low and ate more yogurt, carrot, tomatoes etc.

3. Intermittent Fasting

Photo by Mehrshad Rajabi on Unsplash

I found out about the concept of intermittent fasting, since I already passed the craving phase, I liked the idea to be able to eat anything in a time window and then taking a gap.

I would generally eat in the morning 12 pm to 4pm, and then start fasting since this time is easily spent in sleep, talking to friends, playing video game. Between 8AM to 10AM I would take a walk while being hungry for last 12 hours, so I can stimulate more fat burning.

I did the intermittent fasting for entire remaining time.

4. Weight Lifting

Once I was filling more fit, and already dropped 12Kg, I started to include weights since I find this activity enjoyable. When you break muscle in gym, during intermittent fasting body will burn more calories to repair the muscles back by using the fat, as it doesn’t have any other energy source.

In next 15 days I lost another 4 kg.

5. Results shows after a good sleep

If you did all the good things in a day like walk, intermittent fasting and keto, and you are expecting a weight drop in evening, well that’s not going to happen. You should check the scale after you take a sleep, you will definitely feel the difference. I can’t explain it much since sleep science is a wide topic.

6. More cycles of extreme keto

I did more cycles of 7 days of “extreme keto” after every 45 days, just to remind my body to not having cravings back and boost my fat burn even more. And also it makes you thirsty for water so you are hydrated better.

7. End Result

  1. I sent a photo to my mother , and she thought Why I sent her a pic from my college time
  2. I dropped a shirt size, went from xxl to xl, which is good since I am 6’3 inch tall
  3. I fit in all my older clothes
  4. My skin got better and the glow was back
  5. I wore T-shirt of my younger brother easily.
  6. I could sleep much better.
Before and After
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