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How Close Are you to a ‘Fuck You’ life? | by Donaldson Velny | Sep, 2021


Donaldson Velny
Photo by Hannes Wolf on Unsplash

W e all have certain things we would like to do, certain things we would like to say but we don’t for some reason.

For example, you might feel like telling your boss how silly or boring he/she really is, but you can’t.

Why? Because you are afraid of the consequences.

In the same way, millions of people are dying without permitting themselves to try things that would make them feel alive. Hopefully, you are not one of them since you are reading this.

That “Fuck You” life looks like a mirage to most people (up to 90% of the world population) but it does exist. A happy minority is enjoying it daily.

By labeling this a ‘Fuck You’ life, I have no presumption to be rude nor impolite. It is just the best way I found out there to call a life free of codes, protocols, and conventions. You live on your terms and conditions. Moreover, you will have to suffer no consequence by doing so.

For your information, most gurus and authors refer to the ‘Fuck You’ life as financial independence or financial freedom.

Though it has a lot to do with money, this freedom is not just financial. It is a completely new way to approach life. Fearless.

Now that you know what the concept stands for, can you answer the question yourself?

How close are you to a ‘Fuck You’ life?

How long it will take you to say, “Fuck You!” to that job you hate?

How long it will take you to say, “Fuck You!” to that disgusting so-called carrier and embrace your passion?

Even if you do not see yet the end of the tunnel…. Keep reading.

In his book, The Richest Man of Babylon, George Samuel Clason shares all you need to know to build wealth and access the ‘Fuck You’ life. In a nutshell, save 10% of everything you earn and then invest your savings wisely.

It might take a while to acquire that freedom. But remember the second-best time to plant a tree is a today. Now.

While working to unlock your ‘Fuck You’ life, you can start saying fuck you to marketing gurus trying to sell you things you do not want and which will end up enslave you even more.

Instead, invest that money and live off the interests … then one day you will say fuck you to everyone.

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