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How a Gluten-Free Diet Will Affect Your Weight | by Visbody Tech | Sep, 2021

September 18, 2021


Visbody Tech

A Gluten-Free diet is not a guaranteed way of losing those extra pounds. Many people believe that by simply cutting out foods like bread and pasta, which contain gluten, that weight loss is guaranteed. Did you know a small percentage of people who go Gluten-Free, actually put on weight? Let’s look at how a gluten-free diet will affect your weight.

The key to weight loss with a Gluten-Free diet is not simply turning off the foods that contain them, it’s about understanding what it can do to your body. I don’t want to bore you with science, so I am going to run through quickly what is important when changing your diet.

Let me first explain that going gluten-free is not always a choice for some people, so the explanation below is for both those who are choosing this lifestyle, and for those who have to eat this way for health reasons.

How a gluten-free diet will affect your weight?

It is true that most people will see a dramatic loss in weight when they have to eat this way because their body is simply not able to process and digest Gluten, but what about those choosing this diet plan as a way to shed those extra pounds? Well for those, things may be a little different. A sudden change of diet may have the opposite effect, and make you pile on the pounds, and I am going to explain Why.

Foods that contain gluten also contain essential vitamins and minerals which you need to make your body function in the correct way, and to keep you healthy. Eating foods that are gluten-free may not have, and I say that because I don’t know your exact diet plan, may not have those essential nutrients, therefore your body is basically fighting back, not digesting foods properly, and hence you gain weight.

There are a couple of ways to make sure you get those nutrients in your body, from eating extra foods such as fruit and to also take supplements. I must stress that taking any type of vitamin tablet must be done under the doctor’s advice.

There is also another reason for weight gain, and that could be the free-from foods you are eating. Many people choose the easy option, the ones you can buy in supermarkets. Just because these foods are free from certain things, does not mean they are fat-free. Always check the labels for fat content, as you may be consuming high-fat foods without even knowing it.

We have looked at how a gluten-free diet will affect your weight, and it’s up to you now to put these simple steps into your daily routine. Many people rush into certain things without knowing the simple things.

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