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Home bakers using weird hacks as we don’t have the right equipment

September 20, 2021


Research of over 2,000 UK adults conducted by Upfield, producer of plant-based margarines, cheeses, creams and spreads, reveals that despite the baking boom started during the pandemic, a fifth of Brits (22%) still don’t own the equipment needed to make their bakes.

Brits may not be kitted out with all the baking equipment, but 39% of us have plant-based margarines always stocked in the fridge. Since the pandemic, over a third (38%) us have turned to baking as a new skill.

For those without the right kit, innovation has become key as 40% of 18-34yos use a pair of scissors or a glass over a cookie-cutter to cut-out their cookies. A third (32%) of 35-44yos pour cake batter into an oven dish as they don’t own a cake tin, and nearly a quarter (24%) of over-55s use a toasting rack as a cooling tray.

Top five innovative household swaps for baking utensils

  1. A glass or pair of scissors instead of a cookie cutter (31%)
  2. An oven dish instead of a cake tin (26%)
  3. A toaster or oven rack instead of a cooling rack (24%)
  4. A wine bottle instead of a rolling pin (23%)
  5. A colander instead of a sieve (19%)

Despite the preconception that 55yos love to get their oven mitts on, when asked how often they bake, over a third (37%) admitted they never do. This is in comparison to more than a quarter of Gen Zs and millennials (27%) who like to bake at least every few months, if not, once a month (25%).

Relationship status was a factor in the amount of baking equipment that was owned. Divorcees led the charge as nearly half (48%) were found to own all the equipment. Only 23% of those in a relationship were found to own the needed baking bits, dropping to 10% for singletons.

TV programmes like The Great British Bake Off has encouraged people to pick-up baking, particularly the younger demographic (18-34yos), where 38% picked-up their pinnies after watching the show. This dropped to 16% for the over 55s.

Residents from Norwich were found to be the area that love to bake, as 96% own all the equipment and spend 46 days a year whipping up sweet treats from home. Brummies also get their kicks from spending time in the kitchen, where more-than 34 days a year are spent baking in Birmingham.

Damian Guha, General Manager of Upfield UK & Ireland said, “It’s interesting that we think our older family members like to bake, even though over a third of them reported otherwise.

“With a series of margarines in the Upfield portfolio, we know a bit about baking. An easy way to deliver good results is to switch from dairy butter to plant-based margarines. Product like Stork can help improve the final product. The water to fat ratio means you’ll achieve the perfect bake with no burnt or hard crusts. Plant-based margarines are also a healthier alternative and are better for the environment. Stork, for example, contains 63% less saturated fat, and Flora Plant B+tter has 50% lower climate footprint.”

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