Here’s Why This is The #1 Way to Make Money Online! | by Kathia Perez | Sep, 2021


Kathia Perez

So you’re searching for ways to make money online huh? Well you’re on the right page except, as you’ve noticed, I’ve narrowed it down for you to the number ONE way to make money online. That’s right, make money from the comfort of your home all the way to the comfort of your hotel room while you’re traveling.

Wait, you’re telling me you didn’t know there was a way to make money from anywhere around the world? Matter of fact, I’m not talking about just making a few bucks online the moment you hop onto your laptop. I’m talking about building an entire system online that will allow you to generate limitless amounts of passive income. What’s better than to make money while enjoying your life and not having to be present 24/7? If you know then please tell me, but for now, nothing beats this!

So what is this great online money making machine that I keep bragging about. Well, this system is known as affiliate marketing. To make it short, affiliate marketing involves a seller/marketer to promote other people’s products or services and receives a commission when someone clicks on their affiliate link and purchases something off of it. It’s really that simple.

I know for the most part, you will see me blog about affiliate marketing over and over and over, so I know that you are somewhat familiar with the topic. But have you heard of other business models whether they are online or not? Let me just name a few, I’m sure you will be familiar with at least one of these other business models.

  • Drop shipping
  • Amazon FBA
  • Online Courses
  • Real Estate Flipping
  • MLM
  • Brick&&Mortar

There are so many types of business models out there that I didn’t mention here, but let me explain why I personally think affiliate marketing beats all of them. First of all, affiliate marketing is a very low overhead business, so anyone can start affiliate marketing with little to no capital(money) up front. Because it is a low overhead business, it also doesn’t require much to keep the business running. If you ever do need to invest more money into your affiliate marketing business, it’ll be because you are more experienced and are ready to make bigger moves such as paid advertisements, more sales funnels/websites and a better plan to hold more email subscribers in your email autoresponder account. I will explain all of this in a separate blog post.

My next reason for affiliate marketing being the king of all business models, is because you do not have to deal with customer service; no headaches, no dealing with refunds, no dealing with complaints. Literally, your only job is to drive traffic(customers) to your affiliate link and whatever happens after that, is none of your concern. When potential customers click on your affiliate link, the company you are promoting services for, will do the rest of the work for you(the selling, talking directly to the customers, and upsells if the customers are interested).😉

Let me just give you a few more reasons right here for why you should jump into affiliate marketing right NOW. With this type of business model, you don’t need inventory, no need to worry about shipping or delivery. So this means you don’t need to worry about merchant accounts or shopping carts. Tell me you are not convinced? This is the most passive income type of business you’re going to find. This is a type of business that has the capability of running on autopilot. Now this is what I call freedom!

Okay, I think it’s time for me to be completely honest with you. The catch is…..well, there is no catch. It’s all honest work just like anything else would necessitate. Of course, this system still requires effort, time, patience, consistency and persistence. This isn’t just network marketing or a pyramid scheme. This is an actual online business that you can manage from anywhere around the world. As long as you carry your phone or laptop with you wherever you go, you’ll be able to manage it or even just keep track of your commissions at any time.

The most difficult thing about starting an online business like this one, isn’t setting up the system itself or connecting the platforms together. Matter of fact, the most challenging thing about this is actually building up your brand. What I mean by that is, in order for your business to grow, you must become trustworthy enough and build a relationship with your audience in a way that they can connect and resonate with you as well as the product or service that you are offering to them.

Instead of focusing on making sales, focus on giving a solution to your audience’s problem, build trust and you will see that the commissions will follow after. At the end of the day, if you stop and think about it, that’s what sales is really all about. Commissions revolve around customers’ satisfaction. Agreed?😉

The answer is YES. Anyone can do affiliate marketing. Matter of fact anyone can do anything they set their minds to as long as they really want it. The only thing that is going to separate those who succeed from those who do not, is perseverance. The reason I say this is because the majority of people who attempt to do affiliate marketing, tend to give up easily.

When people do not see results quickly, they assume that the system does not work when in reality, it’s the affiliate marketer who didn’t try hard enough to get those results. In the end, many people decide that affiliate marketing is not worth the amount of work that one must invest into it in order for it to start generating income for them. Many people are also just too lazy to even begin doing the work and others are too afraid to get out of their comfort zone to make it happen.

Believe me when I say that this type of online business is worth every penny and every second of your time if it means living a free and enjoyable life! I would rather have an online business that will generate me passive income 24/7, than working 40+ hours a week for a steady paycheck.

Yes you will have to work hard at the beginning, but once you have that system up and running, you can bet that you will have the opportunity to attain time freedom, location freedom and most importantly financial freedom. So when I say that anyone can do affiliate marketing, I truly mean it. I believe each and every single one of you has the potential to achieve success and the lifestyle of your dreams.

Getting out of your comfort zone is just something that you will have to go through in order to unlock your true potential and capability. Think long-term and invest into your future now, this truly is the best way to make passive income online. Don’t be afraid to fail because at the end of the day, the only way to succeed is to learn from our failures. Without failures, there is nothing to learn from. Good luck! 🙂

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