Hair DIY: Help your child make a flower crown


Forget going to busy shopping malls and spending loads of money on your daughter today. We have the perfect way to keep your child entertained. Flower crowns are beautiful, affordable, and easy to make. Here’s how to help your child make their very own flower crown perfect for spring.

What you will need:

  • silk flowers
  • two pieces of thick florist wire
  • thin florist wire
  • florist tape
  • pliers
  • wire cutters

Step-by-step guide

Step one: Take the two lengths of thick florist wire and twist two ends together to create one long length of wire. Florist wire is usually pliable so this can be done by hand. If you’re using tougher wire use pliers to avoid cuts. Pinch any protruding ends down with pliers to avoid sharp edges.

Step two: Measure the wire in a circle around your child’s head until it fits comfortably. Twist the ends together to secure the frame, again pressing down any protruding edges.

Step three: Wrap florist tape around the twisted sections of the frame.

Step four: Cut the silk flowers off their stems. Remember to leave enough of the stem for fastening onto the frame, about three centimetres should do.

Step five: Attach the flowers to the frame with eight-centimetre pieces of thin florist wire. Twist the wire around the base of the bloom and down the stem, fastening the flower tightly to the frame. Continue attaching flowers, arranging them in layers or in a simple row depending on your child’s preference.

Step six: Cover any unsightly wire around the base of the blooms and the frame with florist tape. The tape will also prevent the wire from catching your child’s hair. And you’re done!

Top tips

  • You and your child can attach flowers all the way around the frame for a full flower crown or leave about one-third of the frame empty. If your child chooses the latter make sure to cover the exposed wire with florist tape.
  • Silk flowers usually come with plastic foliage, which can add contrast to bright or light petals. To get a better idea of your child’s desired final product, arrange the flowers around the frame on a table before you start.
  • Most of these materials can be acquired at your local florist or craft store.


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