Growing Together @ Barnies Community Garden.

I am the team leader for Barnies Community Garden and Centre and my vision is to grow Barnies with more participants, more activities and an increased number of contributors, with the objective to ensure that Barnies becomes enduring and sustainable through its own efforts and is not just relying on a number of passionate people to go into the future. We have a team of 5 enthusiastic individuals and together with our volunteers and participants we work closely together to provide the gardening and woodcraft activities that we all enjoy. Barnies Community Garden & Centre works from our local church hall, we enjoy a large secluded garden at the rear of our hall and many people from our local community come along to join in with us, have a cup of tea and lots of chats, we have lots of smiles and laughter, share worries and concerns. Most importantly, we look out for each other, helping everyone to find the help and assistance they need in times of stress and anxiety.  It would be marvellous to grow Barnies so that more people would come to join us and add to our circle of friends and neighbours.  The funds raised will help us to reach out to our local community and beyond, providing weekly activities for people to enjoy and inviting people to come along to see us, meeting new people and making new friends. 

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