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Golden Nuggets from “The 9 Types of Leadership” | by Niraj Kumar | Dec, 2021


The author discusses these 9 personality types and goes into detail about how each of these types has three distinct characteristics: self-preservation, social, and one-to-one. The whole number of Enneagram subtypes presently stands at 27.

Enneagram Type 1 — The Perfectionist

  • Core Desire: To be correct / to be nice

Enneagram Type 2 — The Helper

  • Core Desire: To be liked / to be desired

Enneagram Type 3 — The Achiever

  • Core Desire: To be valuable / to be admired

Enneagram Type 4 — The Individualist

  • Core Desire: To be original / to be unique

Enneagram Type 5 — The Observer

  • Core Desire: To be capable / to be competent

Enneagram Type 6 — The Loyalist

  • Core Desire: To be secure / to be supported

Enneagram Type 7 — The Enthusiast

  • Core Desire: To be secure / to be supported

Enneagram Type 8 — The Challenger

  • Core Desire: To be independent / to protect themselves

Enneagram Type 9 — The Peacekeeper

  • Core Desire: To be at peace / to be harmonious

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