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Gardening: Gardening experts tip to deal with weeds – ‘I have very, very few to deal with’

December 18, 2021


Digging out weeds by the root is a long and physically taxing process. There is an easier way, according to one gardener.

She said stinging nettles are especially useful.

“Stinging nettle flowers are really important for pollinators,” Ellen said.

Having pollinators around, such as butterflies, bees, birds and bats, will help the other plants in your garden to thrive.

Additionally, birds and small mammals eat slugs, preventing them from nibbling on your plants.

Ellen even eats her nettles. She said: “You can also eat them.

“They are full of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals. We can make nettle tea.”

She also discussed nematodes, a method to get rid of slugs in the garden. 

She said: “You mix them in with water. They eat the slugs and then they die underneath the soil.”

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