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Gardening 101 Visits George Pavelek’s Exquisite Urban Vegetable Garden – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

October 6, 2021


by Jeff Ray | CBS 11 Meteorologist

COLLEYVILLE, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – In this week’s Gardening 101, I went to visit a well-known urban farmer in the Colleyville area, a retired business consultant named George Pavelek and his wife, Susan.

George has elevated the vegetable garden into an art form; the amount of produce he can harvest from his modest size plot is simply staggering.

It is difficult for me not to harbor deep envy for this man; I hope to be living this life in my retirement.

His enthusiasm for his gardening is contagious, I found him to be very inspirational.

I walked away from our visit loving gardening just a little bit more.

George Pavelek’s vegetable garden (Jeff Ray – CBS 11)

We did a quick overview on what he is planting this fall.

Most of his work is saved for the spring/summer season but fall is a great season to garden in since the heat is off the beds and they are easier to work. Also, less heat means less water and, as it gets colder, less bugs. Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of fall planting, putting in spinach, kale, chard, parsley and beets every year. Many of these crops carry deep into winter.

Some can get through all the way to spring.

Click here for the fall planting guide.

I’m running this story a little late so if you want to garden this fall you’ll have to get hopping. With the warming climate the first cold snap continues to be later in the season.

Recent Decembers have been rather warm so I you avoid a hard freeze (28 degrees or lower) you’ll be able to still get a good crop deep into winter.

To be completely truthful, this week’s story was more about George than fall planting.

He demonstrates that with good planning and steady purpose, you will be very surprised on how much food you can grow out of your yard. His workshops are great starting points in your garden journey.

One of the reasons I’m a big George Pavelek fan is that he is ALWAYS trying something new and different, always keeping notes on what works or Why it didn’t, always pushing himself to be a better gardener.

Then, as a gift to us all, turning around and teaching what he has learned to anyone willing to lesson.

As I often tell people, teaching what you know to someone who wants to learn it is an obligation, the payback for the blessing of your good fortune.

Next week we are back to talking about specific plants and getting ready for tree/shrub planting season.

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